Monthly Archives: October 2011

Searching For My Grandfather

October 11, 2011

This column that I wrote for The Times several years ago has led me to several different projects. The Cambridge Wartime Scrapbook, a collection of wartime stories about Cambridge residents by their relatives was published a couple of years ago. My ongoing project to get the stories of the 200+ men from Cambridge who are commemorated on our war memorials is […]

Taking to the sky

October 9, 2011

Brendan is a second year journalism student at Conestoga College. When Scot was trying to come up with a good first assignment for him Brendan made the mistake of telling Scot he had never flown. As somebody who has never flown in an airplane, I was thrilled when word was mentioned that I would be […]

Main Street Questions

October 8, 2011

Why did the city rebuild just one block of main Street? Do the merchants to the east not deserve the granite curbs, benches and trees? Did the city partner with a developer? If so who selected the changes? Will the remainder of the street be done? Is this another “Mayors Project”? Another shot at marking […]

Why Kathryn McGarry is the best candidate for Cambridge

October 4, 2011

 I wrote this two weeks ago and, if anything, the polls are tighter now than they were then. Rather than repeat myself  on every single post it’s easier just to bring this back up. Once again people, we are looking at a minority government, let’s pick the person who will do something for Cambridge. I […]