“Bloody Buron” by J. Allen Snowie (Cambridge men right after D Day)

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” Bloody Buron,” by J. Allan Snowie, is about the men from the Galt based HLI and the battle they fought after landing at Normandy. The book has been out of print for years, but I managed to track down Allan Snowie in the U.S. and got permission to reprint it, but no electronic copy existed.I found an old hard copy, and scanned it and ran all of the text through optical character recognition, and reprinted it and distributed it to all the local high schools several years ago.

I have to reprint a few copies to take into the schools this year so I reformatted it to post here.

This is a review that was posted online.

“This is perhaps the single best volume ever written in Canadian histories to deal with a single battalion action. The background to the HLI’s employment in this battle is given, many photographs illustrate the life of the battalion up to and including this battle, and period maps, aerial photos, sketches and orders help bring this one single engagement to life. A thorough and remarkable illustration of one single battle that has no equal in Canadian history books. Highly recommended to anyone curious about battle at the company and battalion level.”

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