A dumb year in Travel

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Folks 2014 is winding down and apparently so are the passengers. Their brains are that is.
As a treat I decided to give you the inside track on what has gone on in the friendly skies just this
year alone. Let’s start with January, boy that seems a long time ago….
In January, a German passenger named Mathias Jorg, age 54 just couldn’t seem to understand you cannot
smoke on an aircraft. Emirates airlines, known for their excellent service boarded Mr. Mathias for a flight
to Singapore. During the flight after many attempts to smoke, he became aggressive towards crew members.
Long and short of it; they tied him up!
April, ahh springtime, Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, what could be the problem? A Southwest flight was sent to Omaha, Nebraska rather than California. The problem; a passenger acting strange, refusing to sit in his seat, coming out of the bathroom drenched, and oh did I mention he tried to open the exit door in-flight?
Needless to say he was restrained and seated with an officer that was on board, it was decided he wasn’t well.
Let’s move onto July, F16 fighter jets got involved in this one! Yes cigarettes were involved (little instigators that they are!) This character didn’t get busted for smoking, he was irate because the smokes were cheaper on
the plane then at the duty free shop! Mr. Ali Shahi, a 25 year old Canadian began ripping up magazines as well as the safety card. This behavior then led to uttering threats against the aircraft…..
Six tactical police officers stormed the aircraft yelling “heads down, hands up” While one remained at the
front of the aircraft gun pointed. I think this statement speaks for itself, no?
Dog days of summer, well August.
Okay, we have all heard the expression “long hot summer”. It would seem that it really was a long hot summer for these two ladies on a Sunwing flight to Cuba. They couldn’t wait to get to the all inclusive resort and decided to have a potty party in the loo. I don’t mean Marijuana when I say potty, they literally got potty in the bathroom on their duty free liquor. We all know alcohol leads to cigarettes-smoking which is exactly what happened.
As if this behaviour wasn’t bad enough they got into a cat fight with each other and threatened the aircraft.
Yes folks this ended with new jewelry in the form of handcuffs, with court dates…oh and once again…
wait for it…CF-18 fighter jets from Bagotville to escort the flight back to Pearson.
On another date in August a flight was diverted to Chicago O’Hare, rather than continuing from Newark to Denver. Why, your curious mind might ask? A nasty little item called a Knee Defender. You heard me,
our knees are now being defended! The item attaches to the fold down tray table in front of you thus preventing that person in front of you from reclining their seat. It created such a ruckus that the flight was rerouted.
We never did hear who paid for that rerouting, but now airlines are deciding if you can use this Knee defender.
I wouldn’t rush out and buy one just yet.
September, usually the month of intelligence, folks return to work, students to school….
The world generally calms down and gets its rhythm back. That is unless you were on the Virgin America
Flight Boston to Los Angeles, that ended up landing in yes you guest it, Nebraska! All I have to say about this
26 year old passenger is zip it! Apparently he was masturbating during the flight, and later tried to open
the exit door. Yuk on so many levels!
Yes he was cuffed, and removed once the flight safely landed.
Really folks I could go on and on….instead I will leave you with this little niblet.
On December 8, 2014 the term Baby on Board took on new meaning. Southwest airlines flight San Francisco
To Phoenix became the delivery room for a brand new baby. Shortly after take off the mother went into labour.
Luckily there was medical help on board. The flight made an emergency landing in Los Angeles.
To quote the Captain, we left with 110 on board, and landed with 111. Everyone is reportedly doing great.

The really good news, no jet fighters were deployed and no hand cuffs were used on this mission!
A great way to end any year in aviation!

Brenda Goodsell
Preston Travel

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