All aboard for the Craig express

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Mayor Craig wants back into the LRT debate. In 2011 our esteemed leader withdrew from any debate on the proposed Light Rail Transit because of a potential conflict of interest (his son owns property in the area of the Cambridge Bus Terminal.) The LRT had been in the works for 9 years before that, but of course he wouldn’t say anything about not participating before he was re-elected.

Now, all of a sudden, Craig is asking the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to examine his case.

According to The Record, “Craig has not asked taxpayers to pay his legal bills but has not ruled out seeking reimbursement. A new regional council policy allows Craig to claim up to $5,000 from taxpayers.”

Of course, that also doesn’t preclude Cambridge Taxpayers from paying the balance.

Regional Council has already decided that Cambridge doesn’t get trains until some possible date in the future. (Maybe)It’s too late for him to do anything, the train has already left the station, and he just wants to talk about it.

Of course, timing is everything. Craig has already told me that he plans on running for a fifth term in next year’s election, and this will put him front and centre on the news. Free publicity during an election year.

Craig is a professional politician. He has been on Cambridge Council since 1977; it’s all he knows. Of course, he doesn’t dare do anything to piss off Regional Council. That’s where washed up mayors go to retire and be ineffective, and he doesn’t want to screw up his future.

This was one of the most important decisions regarding Cambridge and the Region in the last decade, and our fearless leader chose to render himself impotent rather than fight for the people who elected him.

It should also be noted that during his inaugural Address on December 6, 2010 Craig stated “Rather than being dismissed or ignored on this issue, we should be receiving Regional support to bring GO trains to Cambridge by 2014.”

It’s too bad trains aren’t still powered by steam because Mayor Craig has enough hot air to power a dozen locomotives.

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3 Responses to All aboard for the Craig express

  1. Rick Cowsill July 27, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Your a man true to his word!

  2. John Friesen August 8, 2013 at 10:23 am

    Well said Scot!
    Its sad that our Mayor (The most powerful voice for Cambridge) recused himself from the entire discussion surrounding Regional Transit because of some obscure “conflict”. Surely he had to know that the 3 major cities (Waterloo, Cambridge, Kitchener) would eventually adopt a Regional Transit strategy. Surely he knew that it would eventually cost Cambridge residents something.

    After effectively removing the second largest city in Waterloo Region from the discussion, he is surprised we end up with buses while Waterloo and Kitchener get trains?

    Presumably he would have known that while he sits on the sidelines leaving Cambridge without a voice that this discussion would eventually involve money. Suddenly the discussion moves from “what kind of transit system” to the “how much will each city pay”.

    Now he wants back into the debate, because he was too afraid to make any waves and actually advocate for Cambridge as our Mayor, but now wants to look as though he’s actually looking out for our tax dollars. But not before sticking residents with the bill for his legal costs.

    We can only hope that he will pay his own legal bills, since he has already cost us a rapid transit system. Somebody should have told him that we already had buses.

  3. Mark Rein September 1, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    Scot it sounds more like you’re whinging, or butthurt because Craig stood you up for a coffee meeting or something.

    And John, you really need to take a course on critical thinking. You could make Jesus Christ sound like one of those downtown Galt crack dealers the way you magically superimpose your bias onto Mayor Craig’s intentions, and interpret his actions as the bumblings of some back-room politician stereotype you decided to bestow on the guy.

    Fortunately there’s enough grounded voters in Cambridge that don’t read blog journalism and make decisions based on performance and character, not some malcontent’s biased imaginings of what goes on in people’s heads.

    I swear, reading that last comment brought to mind that hand-wringing cartoon character Boris Badenov from the Rocky & Bullwinkle show. I guess people are so prone to hyperbole these days they just can’t perceive any shades between black and white.

    But hey, at least you’re not quite as embarrassingly pedantic as that moonbat Advocate site so that’s…good…I guess.

    This LRT thing is a case of bullying plain and simple by the Region who has no interest in what Cambridge has to say, or want, as long as we write our part of the cheque to support what they want.

    The fact that this Mayor has shown integrity and transparency at every turn is evidenced by the hard evidence of our local economy when compared to any other city in the region, and beyond during this guy’s term. Is he perfect? Probably not, like most of us, but having somebody get the job done is all I care about.

    Like him or not as you will but maybe it’s time to look beyond the non-issues and find something actually worthy of criticism.

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