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Allan Dettweiler

Region Should Abandon Silly Green Bin Program

October 19, 2011

The headline in today’s RECORD (Oct. 19, 2011) reads Residents slow to embrace costly green bin program–residents-slow-to-embrace-costly-green-bins I would prefer the article read: REGION ABANDONS SILLY GREEN BIN PROGRAM The timing of the article is interesting. Nyle Ludolph, founder of the Blue Box program has passed away within the past week. The article points […]

We Need More Choices In Upcoming Elections by Allan Dettweiler

March 13, 2011

As we are all no doubt aware, there is an upcoming provincial election coming in October. A federal election could occur anytime. Never before have I felt like there was absolutely no party, especially at the federal level, which represents what I believe in. Yes, there are some good people who will represent some parties […]