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Bernice Adams

Born in Preston on December 2, 1934, Bernice Marjorie (Brine) Adams was well known for her work as a radio commentator, as a journalist and as a member of first the Galt and then the Cambridge city councils. Adams wrote a regular column for the Cambridge Reporter called "Adams About Anything". The column featured stories about local history, personalities and all the fun of raising teenagers. She was described as "fiery", a "hard worker", a person who possessed a "colourful personality" and one of council's "most forceful and influential spokesmen." The Bernice Adams Awards program that recognizes local contributions to the visual arts, the performing arts, music and communications and the literary arts, was named in her memory. Mrs. Adams died on November 26, 1980 and is buried in Mount View Cemetery.

Water Was Always A Bargain

December 16, 2012

No doubt about it, one of the best buys anyone gets these days is water. Even at 57 cents a thousand gallons (the present rate in Cambridge) you can’t miss. The average bathe takes about 20 gallons, so you get 50 baths for 57 cents. You can probably flush your toilet 200 times for 57 […]