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Bill Ashwell

Bill Ashwell has been a member of the Cambridge Writers Collective and a volunteer tutor with the Literacy Group of Waterloo Region since 1995. He was a contributor for FM 98.5 CKWR’s Monday Night with the Arts radio program and has served as Literary Coordinator for the Cambridge Arts Festival. His work has been published in the Writers Undercover Anthologies, The Cambridge Wartime Scrapbook, and in Ascent Aspiration Magazine’s Aguaterra Anthology of poetry and fiction. In 2007 Bill was awarded the City of Cambridge’s Bernice Adams Memorial Award for Literary Arts.

Symbolism in Poetry: It Is What It Is…Or Is It?

March 10, 2015

Sometimes a tree is just a tree. And sometimes “that red wheelbarrow, glazed with rain water…”1 is much more than that. Symbolism in poetry can– and often does– one of two things for the reader. Not only can it provide information about the views of the writer, and the meaning of the poem but it […]

Local Author Pens Her Debut Novella

February 11, 2015

  Every once in a while it is good to step outside of the box, so to speak. While I normally write about and cover all things poetry-related, this month I am digressing a bit by reviewing a bit of prose, more specifically a novella by a local author. Seemly Justice is a recent self-published […]

Poetry News and Notes

December 6, 2014

News and Notes Poetry by Bill Ashwell For a writer of any stripe the end of the year is a perfect opportunity to look back and reflect on what has transpired over the previous 12 months. Poetry is often overlooked in literary circles. Printed volumes of verse rarely, if at all, line the shelves at […]

Poetry Therapy

October 11, 2014

Write what you know. Write what you feel. Writers of all stripes are often given (and often give) this piece of questionable advice; to draw from personal experience or know-how or, more importantly, from the emotions that you are familiar with. Sometimes, the advice works; sometimes it doesn’t. Often, when we become emotionally wounded, we […]

Performance Poetry – Dances With Words.

May 14, 2014

When you think about performance poetry, your imagination probably trips back to the 1950s and the days of those smoke-filled coffee houses, beatniks at their bawdiest, black turtleneck sweaters and black berets. You think of bongo drums, improvisational jazz, hip, cool, groovy. Beat poetry. William S. Burroughs. Allen Ginsberg. Jack Kerouac. That was then. Performance […]

October Poetry

October 8, 2013

The Year in Poetry

December 16, 2012

Poetry has always been the poorer cousin, it seems, of the literary arts. Okay, maybe not always. I’m sure that back in the day, when the titans of poetry, the Henry Wadsworth Longfellows, the Walt Whitmans, your Ezra Pounds and e. e. cummingses, roamed the earth, poetry received its due. In those days poets were […]