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Phil Schlenker


Why the 2016 World Cup of Hockey is a mockery

September 1, 2015

  Leave it to the NHL to screw up everything they ever touch.  We had to endure Gary Bettman and the owners stealing an entire season away from us during the 2004-’05 season only to learn absolutely nothing from this disgrace and then have the exact same thing happen for half of a season in […]

The worst calls by a coach in sports history

February 11, 2015

Poor Pete Carroll, he seems like such a nice guy, the sort of man you’d be honoured to play for. What can’t you say about the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks coach? Well, for starters despite his success and the reputation as being a players’ coach he’ll forever be remembered as making a horrible play […]

What I hate about the Super Bowl

January 10, 2015

Maybe the word “strongly dislikes” fits in a bit better but to tell you the truth as an avid football fan and fan of the National Football League there are major pet peeves I have with the entire performance of what is now a very big event. Here in no particular order are things that […]

Why is Rogers cutting Don Cherry’s time?

December 10, 2014

For years and years watching “Hockey Night in Canada” on CBC on Saturday nights was about as Canadian as winter. You looked forward to it, it had roots. Your father watched it, his father would listen to it on the radio, and so on and so forth. You always knew Saturday night meant that much […]

Why the NHL should keep going to the Olympics

November 25, 2014

So ever since 1998 when professionals in the National Hockey League first invaded the Olympic winter games in Nagano, Japan there has been an ongoing debate as long as a country mile whether or not we should continue allowing the NHL players at the games or if we should keep it to amateurs like we […]

Will Canada still win Gold in Sochi?

February 3, 2014

So now that we’ve seen who Team Canada general manager Steve Yzerman selected for our men’s hockey team for the Sochi Olympics we can all breathe a sigh of relief…………………………..but we’re Canadians and there is nothing fun about that. We love our game and are passionate about it. If we weren’t then we’d have little […]

Who will make Canada’s Olympic Men’s hockey team for Sochi

September 12, 2013

            I can’t personally believe it has been almost 4 years since we witnessed Sidney Crosby whip the nation into a frenzy with the overtime goal in the 2010 gold medal game at the Vancouver Olympics.  It was a proud time to be a Canadian.  However, we have a task […]

Should Pat Burns get inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

August 15, 2013

        Now that we’ve heard the announcements regarding who will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame this November it begs the question not only as to who is getting enshrined but who was left out in the cold for another year.  Former NHL coach Pat Burns has long been a hot […]

How bad was the Maple Leafs’ 2013 collapse against Boston?

June 18, 2013

Like any other Maple Leafs fan I was holding my breath watching them in their first playoff series since 2004.  I wasn’t holding onto any unrealistic expectations that 2013 was going to be “their year” to win the Stanley Cup because I was happy with how they were progressing as it was.  Making the playoffs […]