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Born in Kitchener/Waterloo 1957. Moved to Galt at the age of six. Attended Stewart Ave, Highland Public, St. Andrews, and Southwood Highschool. A resident of Galt Cambridge, all my life, I have for the past six months lived in Arthur and keep in contact with friends and family via Facebook and The Citizen which I extremely enjoy. I have a Business Administration Diploma with Social Psychology and Materials Management through Conestoga College. I served on The Housing Board in the 90s for Cambridge Housing Acting together, took abuse support courses, and volunteered on the Board of Directors for a single parent organiations for over ten years called Parent's without Partners before me remarriage 2000 raising two sons on my own for over seventeen years, in Cambridge Galt. I have experience and education in abuse support, A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. and youth support. My hobbies until my physical limitations kicked in were hobby farming and horses. I have raised, bred, imprinted, trained, and broke horses as well as worked professionally has a horse trainer. I also had a kennel for several years raising German Shepherds. For the past seven years of my live I had been facilitating my parents through their sickness and death, and dealing with the reprecussions of physical and mental stress of being a facilitator. Currently I am introducing my self slowly back into the grind and hoping to obtain a form of employment I can also enjoy for the rest of my employable days while utilizing all my scholastic, experience, and sharable skills. I love to write, something my Father always encouraged.

The day the moon swallowed Main St.

September 30, 2011

by┬áRuth-Anne McCauley It was 1965, and it was not that late in the evening in Galt, Ontario. Fall had arrived the sun had set and the full moon was on the rise. Woolworths had one of their ninety nine cent sales, and the escalator ride had been as scary as ever. I had been walking […]

In Memory of my father

February 23, 2011

My Father past away five years ago today from Cancer. He was a Canadian Musician, and played classical and Jazz right up to his dying day. The retirement home loved to hear him playing his Electric keyboard and often the nurses would pull the plug of his earphones when he was trying to keep it down late at night so they could hear him. Anyone that got to know him, in the small town of Markdale grew to love him and respect his love for my Mother and Music. One Doctor came to see him the night he died, he took Jazz lessons from my father, was not his doctor and said “the world will sadly miss the music of this man”.

My Dad, and my brother Marcus, though mine through odoption, added much joy to my life through music. I often as a child listened to them each ‘jamming’ in the basement and garage with their seperate groups. He will never be forgotten in my heart.