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Wendy Clawsey

Wendy Clawsey, as a writer, actor and dreamer, Wendy spent most of her school years gazing out the window and making up stories to entertain herself. Later, with her daughter’s encouragement, Wendy started to jot down some of her stories. then tragedy struck. following a skiing accident, Wendy found herself in bed for over six months with a severe post concussion syndrome. she lived in a dream-like state that she couldn’t seem to make heads or tails of for years. she is currently working on a book that documents this experience. visit Wendy at


May 12, 2014

Inspiration Inspiration! What a magical word. As I sit here and contemplate what inspiration means to me; I catch myself half smiling in a trance like state. A fire growing in my belly and a desire to push forward. The word conjures up so many images to my mind. My daughter inspires me to be […]