2 Responses to Cambridge’s “Sunshine List” very sunny for fire department

  1. Thomas Vann March 19, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    This is truly sad for the taxpayers. Thank heavens they kept the retention (please don’t quit pay) below 10 grand each this year for the fire dept and cops. Just remember folks, they are not sleeping, they are fighting fires 24-7 and saving lives in fender benders. Ever see how many really get out of the trucks or do Tim runs in the trucks? Funny how so many have part time jobs and businesses on the side. Great people but far over paid. Thank-you Liberals for this one. Perhaps next contract the cops can keep it under an 8% increase as well. Guess it’s time to raise the minimum wage to 16 bucks an hour. AHHH It’s only money. Give ’em more.

  2. SV March 20, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    Re: Thomas Vann comment:
    Expected some cold hard fiscal facts and subsequent alternatives from someone that ran for a position on council during the last municipal election but all we get is some percentages and lots of innuendo. One statement he did get right is that firefighters do not fight fires 24/7, and that’s a good thing that they don’t. With continual revisions to the Fire, Building and Electrical codes have made our residences and workplaces safer from fire hazards; however this comes with the costs of administration, inspection and enforcement borne at the municipal/regional level. The fire service also contributes to the decrease in the amount of fires by their education and prevention programs. Since moving to Cambridge in 1988 I have been the recipient of two random/no charge home inspections by the fire department, all part of their prevention programs.

    Fighting fires is just one part of their work, road accidents, industrial accidents, medical assists, chemical/fuel spills, floods and other natural disasters are just some of the other tasks that they are called upon to respond. Canada’s busiest Hwy and the ever increasing size of the Regional Airport are in their backyard, the latter facility requiring special equipment and training all adding to the costs. Yes municipal budgets do require scrutiny and balance but before we cut our essential fire and police services remember that the next life they are called out to save may be yours or your family.

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