3 Responses to Could anyone hit Wayne Gretzky?

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  2. Kevin January 13, 2015 at 9:24 pm

    His “office” was truly his alone. Other players began to set up behind the net, they were driven through the back of the rink. Gretzky never was. Why? He’s stationary. Give me a break.

    Career minor leaguer with the Leafs nailed him good in the early eighties, McCreary. And years later, in a Canada Cup game, Gary Suter drilled him. These are the only two times he was really drilled. McCreary, being a career minor leaguer, didn’t know you couldn’t hit Money boy full out. Suter did it because it wasn’t an NHL game.

    Played twenty years without a broken nose? C’mon! Every marquee player in history underwent hell: Morenz, Richard, Howe (in a coma), Beliveau, Hull, Orr, Lafleur, Lemieux, Crosby. But not Gretzy–virtually untouched in the goal-mad eighties and early nineties

  3. Phil Schlenker January 25, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    Not true Kevin. The reason he was almost never hit was because he was the smartest player on the ice. Watch him in old clips. He is aware of all of his surroundings. He knows where everyone on the ice is at all times. He always has his head up, on a swivel. Put it this way, in 1984 the Islanders are gunning for their 5th straight Cup to tie the record. The only team in their way are the Oilers. To know the Islanders players you would know that the likes of Denis Potvin, Bryan Trottier, Clark Gillies and other physical guys like Bob Nystrom would never have been afraid to hit him. They’d have ploughed over their own mothers to win that Cup. Instead Gretzky was a central figure in the Oilers beating the Islanders. The whole “why didn’t they just hit him?” theory has been debunked. They tried. Gretzky was just always one step ahead of everyone else on the ice at all times.

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