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Around every election some self appointed do-gooder sends in a column threatening us with exile to Mordor if we don’t vote.

Words like irresponsibility, apathy, laziness and stupidity are used with stern conviction to try to get those reluctant to exercise their right to vote…to vote. They then throw in a meaningless piece of drivel like ‘the men and women of our armed forces have fought for your right to vote so honour them by casting your ballot.’

If I may, our fighting men went after a rat bastard like Hitler mainly because he was a er, um, a vile rat bastard and not to keep our vote.

Moving along, in my case I vote only when there is a compelling reason to vote. I’ll vote this fall to get rid of McGuinty. In my opinion he has worked hard to pacify health care and teacher unions and screwed the rest of us royally. He is inept beyond reason and should be thrown out on his pointy head.

The last federal election however, I exercised my right ‘not’ to vote…to not give legitimacy to a phony exercise for phony reasons.

Iggie had to bring Harper down because Steve was in contempt of the opposition. Well it seems that the people who voted felt contempt for the Liberals and their leader and not for the Harper government. And me, I’m in contempt of the lot of them for putting us through an unnecessary election.

Anyway, the Liberals (with the NDP help) played a game of chicken and lost. But why should I play their silly games? To me, a person of integrity would have stayed home rather than play their stupid self serving games.

In my humble opinion, I really think that if our parties cared more about Canada and less about their own selfish brands, we’d be better off.

Now moving along, there are some things I care about that are never addressed and until they are, I’ll stay home.

First, we have no abortion law, shameful! Until some party had the courage to pass a law determining the limits to abortion, I’ll stay home. We are sadly in the same boat as Cuba and North Korea in having no restrictions on abortion.  Wow, what great company to be keeping.

Next, we are riddled with crazy Human Rights Commissions that come right out of the Soviet Gulag. The last crazy thing they did was to fine a comic, $15000 for making jokes about lesbians…in a comedy club!

Then, our immigration system is a mess. We rely too much in bringing people in who have money and education; that is ok but we also need to drastically ‘up’ the quota of the poor, the destitute, the hopeless….the working class. It is our duty as a rich country to take in more poor. They will make a more vibrant, more interesting Canada.

And are you happy that despite the countless billions spent on our natives, they are still mainly dirt poor? Most of the money to help them is gobbled up in administration and no party leader is looking to blow up ‘Indian Affairs and start again. Why not?

Then how can we just be coming off the biggest yearly deficit in history and not one party is seriously talking about eliminating programs. Are the thousands of programs we have all doing valuable work to deliver better lives for us? I doubt it.

I say no more new programs until a) our house is once again in order and b) that we are sure that existing programs deliver what they are supposed to.

And it was sad to see all parties offering us new goodies like a bunch of thigh-high boot wearing hookers when we’re near broke.

Finally, you want to tell me I should vote when more than a million Quebecers voted for people they knew nothing about? One NDP candidate has not even set foot in her riding…a few were students at McGill with little life experience and zero sense about how money should effectively be spent…and you still want me to vote?

The way I see it, is that we have two parties that suck up to big business and one that is a slave to big unions…none are enthusiastically for ‘us’, they just represent their own sordid brand….and their own special interests.

So, until someone is really for me and my concerns, I’ll stay home.


2 Responses to Don’t Vote

  1. Bill Kirby May 29, 2011 at 9:41 am

    @James….I strongly encourage YOU not to vote for precisely the reasons you have cited in your text
    Giving up your vote is giving up your right to choose. Do you live your life or does someone else live it for you?
    Not voting only tells every political party that they can engage in whatever BS THEY want because no one cares enough to say anything. So what happens? They keep doing it.
    How does a political party know what to do unless we tell them?
    Governments should be forming policy based on public opinion or solicited input. Policy formed on public opinion does not mean 100% support for a policy. There will always be those who disagree but their input is important too.
    Certainly the process of an election is combative, divisive and often ugly. But consider the fact that a battle such as this is better fought in the media, organized forums and at the ballot box rather than in the streets with guns and knives.
    We see a wave of democracy hitting the middle-east and before that Eastern Europe. DON’T WASTE what we have because you are too tired, don’t like the leaders, don’t know what the issues are, don’t have time don’t care.
    The issues are whatever is important to you!
    Take the time, understand and represent yourself. Otherwise someone else will be telling you what to think.

  2. Hags May 31, 2011 at 10:11 am

    Bill, I love your passion; wish you could throw it into something more inspiring than politics.

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