Flying trains for free?

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There are two rather unusual motions before council tomorrow night, either of whichwould distinguish Cambridge as being a forward thinking  city.

The first is Nicholas Ermeta’s motion to allow seniors to ride the bus for free. The motion is posted below.  There is a $1 million price tag being bandied about on this one, but I can’t find out where they are getting this number from.

There are several cities out west that offer this, but none in Ontario that I’ve been able find. I agree with Nicholas, this matter bears further looking into. I think it would be a small token of gratitude for those who helped make this a great city, and it would show that our politicians go further than just mouthing platitudes during election time.

I don’t expect Regional Council to pass this, and I’m no one seems sure if the Cambridge portion could be separated, but it is worth looking into.

Nicholas also has a motion before council that Oh Canada be played or sang before council meetings. Hey, why not?



THAT Cambridge City Council request the council of the Region of Waterloo

to direct Waterloo Regional Staff to report back to Waterloo Regional Council

on the pros and cons of allowing free public transit ridership for seniors

AND THAT Cambridge City Council request the council of the Region of

Waterloo consider approving free public transit for seniors once they have

all of the necessary information before them

AND THAT if full free public transit for seniors ends up being too costly

for implementation then Cambridge City Council request the council

of the Region of Waterloo consider approving a scaled down version

such as free public transit for seniors during off peak times and / or

on certain days of the week.`

A lot more interesting is Ben Tucci’s motion for “flying trains.” I’m really starting to change my opinion of Ben as a “right wing stay the course banker” type.

His motion to look into overhead trains could prove to be a solution to the LRT debate, and it’s less expensive.

Aerorail is a revolutionary high speed transit system with its passenger vehicles suspended below the guideway beam. Aerorail technology is a reconfiguration of tested and proven components currently in service in electric rail transit systems and heavy highway construction. Although suspended transit systems have been in operation since 1901, Aerorail is an updated and improved application of this proven approach to transit.

Aerorail has the benefit of being constructed in air space over existing publicly owned right-of-way. This benefit not only greatly reduces or eliminates the need to acquire costly right-of-way, but often reduces or eliminates the need for Environmental Impact Studies. These studies cost millions of dollars and take many months to complete. Meanwhile, the cost of construction continues to climb due to inflation. Constructing a rail transit system above existing roadways and right-of-ways prevents the further physical division of the community like a surface system would do, and blends the transit system into existing transportation corridors.

Aerorail Website

Here’s a link to the complete agenda tomorrow. May 30 Agenda

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2 Responses to Flying trains for free?

  1. Linda Lewis May 30, 2011 at 10:50 am

    As I see it there will be no decision made until elections.That;s when alldecisions are made.

  2. Scot Ferguson-Barber May 30, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Which elections, Linda?

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