Game on!

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Bottom of the ninth. the rookies load the bases for the Cambridge Citizen. In May, the Citizen fielded a team that surprised everyone as they showed they weren’t out of their league. Any effort to copy The Citizen’s style of play has proved fruitless, as have been efforts to steal their game plan. It’s down to this game to prove whether they were out of their league or they really are contenders.

The grizzled old veteran taps his bat hesitantly. Does he still have it, or is he resting on his laurels? Is he just another old fart who pulls out tattered old news clippings to play “remember when,” as he tells others how to play the game?

Lately, the politicians have been conceding all the games without really playing, so he hasn’t been challenged. Does he still have it?

He isn’t even sure. The practice swing at Ash Lyle felt good…damned good. Maybe

As the umpire calls “Time” he spots a scout from the big leagues in the stands, a representative from Toronto. No time for dreams of Holly Wood, he gets back to the game at hand.

A strike out, or yet another foul ball that he is known for, would surely put out of the game, possibly for good.

Can he deliver? Stay tuned, He’s not even sure!


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