Getting the word on the street!

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We currently have ten boxes, with another 25 we are working on getting here from Belleville. We put the first few out today.  There’s one at King and Argyle, with another one going to Giant Tiger in Preston Tomorrow. There is one at Main and Ainslie, and another in front of our office that is filled daily. (Grab a handful)

(Before I hear any bitching from Hespeler, they are in almost every store in the core, and we need permission to get one into Zehrs and apparently there is a fee)


Dave Sopha, Alex Krajewski (Krajewski Gallery), Rick Murphy (D3Artworks) Meryn Edgar (Gallery M) Jennifer Depencier, Amar Bhuee, Kim Turner and Michelle Jones (The Relique Studio), Shogun Tats, Woody Woodfield (Spun Turner), Michelle Braniff.

(If you don’t know who some of them are google them, or someone can add links in the replies)

I think that we have a good cross section of local artists to start, everyone from tattoo artists to an artist who is renowned across the country for his paintings of Canadian Veterans. (Dave Sopha) and we have another 25 coming.


I am currently stripping them the boxes with my brother’s assistance. (He doesn’t have a choice. I moved them into his “Man Cave,” he can’t get around until I get them done!) I hope to have them out to the artists in the next few days.


Scot's brother Garnet pitching in.


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  1. Ashley Hedderson January 15, 2012 at 9:42 am

    Good for you Scot! Good luck with your magazine 🙂

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