Hope Brings Change

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Hope brings change, at least that is what they tell us, and almost everyone that is interested in the 2010 Municipal election is hoping for change, but what kind of change are we going to get?.  And would it be the end of the world if Doug Craig won re-election? Now before you curse me to hell for saying that i will tell you that i support Linda Whetham but am not convinced that she can beat Mayor craig and perhaps we have to accept that fact. So, where does that leave us?  Well let’s look at it and see.

We know that the Mayor does make all the rules by himself as each member of council has a vote and many of the votes are close, but with a few new faces around the table he may not have all his cronies to help him.  We know that in Wards 1,7 and 8 there will be new faces so right there that counts as 3 votes that have no allegiance to whomever is mayor.  That leaves the incumbents should they get re-elected. Now Rick Cowsill and Karl keiffer i feel are safe and they balance each other out most of the time, while Ben Tucci is a wild card in that he votes for what he wants and not a Mayors program. That leaves Pam Wolf who in my opinion is a Craig supporter and while i may be wrong tends to vote the way his worship does more often than not. Gary Price is the one incumbent that i feel is in trouble and that should bring another new face to the table allowing more freedom in the voting. So, of the eight votes(not counting the mayors) I see 5 votes that in most cases will be free votes and while i am sure some of them will vote with the mayor I don’t know if the Mayors vote will be a tie breaker that often.  And that could make our City a better run community.  But then again I support the Toronto Maple Leafs and we are always optimistic.


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3 Responses to Hope Brings Change

  1. Andrew Johnson October 14, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    As a candidate standing for election against your choice (Linda) and our Mayor (Doug) I can assure you the sun will come up in any event, and as this is likely Doug’s last term, let us hope that regardless of the outcome, each member of Council will weigh things independently, and indeed listen to the Mayor’s opinion. Linda is a class act, and a wonderful person. It has been a pleasure to campaign in a race with her. Having served with 7 Mayors on Wellington County Council 2003-2006, let me assure you can do a lot worse than to have Doug Craig as your Mayor. He’s a clear level above the standards next door, by and large, and it’s been good and hopefully fruitful to push him on important questions of the day in this campaign. I too support the Toronto Maple Leafs, and we are indeed always optimistic. 🙂 Best wishes John.

  2. KB October 15, 2010 at 2:00 am

    Thank you, Andrew on your comments. Yes I am one that beleaves Doug will not be back this time. Cambridge see’s that we do need change at the top. Yes, Linda is a ” Class Act “. I feel that this race is between you & Linda. With Linda just a little ahead. It is up to the voters of this great city too decide.

  3. John Caffrey October 15, 2010 at 10:16 am

    Thank You for your reply Andrew, and while my vote will go to Linda I think you have a bright future in area politics. KB, I still think this is going to be a tight 3 way race and doug may still slip through. But, as I stated in this story, having a council of new faces that will look at things independently is the next best thing.

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