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Below is a motion that’s before council tonight. They claim it’s going to take 10 to 12 hours to answer a few simple questions that they should have answers for anyways, and should take about 1/2 hour for anyone competent on a computer and access to the files.

That Council directs staff to report back by July 15, 2012 (e-mail report suffice) on the
Page 7 of 168
City of Cambridge
Council Agenda
Monday, July 9, 2012

Since the new water billing and collection process was adopted by Council:
1. How many tenant accounts have gone into collections for delinquent water bills?
2. How many tenants have reeived a notice of shut off and $100 fee?
3. How many tenant water accounts have subsequently been shut off as a result of delinquency?
4. How many of the delinquent water accounts have subsequently been added to the landlord’s tax roll:

In addition, please confirm;
THAT tenants are also responsible for a $300 fee for the removal of the meter and that ifnot paid by the tenant, this too becomes the responsibility of the landlord and may ultimately be added to their tax roll,AND THAT this direction is being requested, as it has been acknowledged by staff that it could take 10 to 12 hours of staff time to compile and assimilate this information;
AND THAT as per City of Cambridge Policy CAO-20.050 Section 2 – Special Council Requests for Supplies and Services – “Any request likely to exceed six (6) hours of staff time in total must be authorized by Council”.


4 Responses to How Many City Staff does it take to…

  1. Sue Taylor July 10, 2012 at 12:04 am

    Tonight wasn’t a total loss, Scot. Like I told you, some suspicions got confirmed concretely and that’s always good. Election time will be fun!

    But as I’ve been saying all along, that tail is wagging the dog. A councilor denied info by his own staff??? Heck half the councilors said they wanted the information, but no dice! What???? And of course they couldn’t tell us what could possibly take all those hours. Nope. They were all just being emotionally irrational and taking a kick at the cat. Highly unprofessional behaviour and they offered no concrete reasons. It’s just ’cause!

    But at least Kayla got to invite them to her meeting publicly and on record. So, that was awesome!

    It’s not over.

  2. Scot Ferguson-Barber July 10, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    You can’t tell me it would take 12 freaken’ hours!

  3. cambri22 July 10, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    It was pretty cool to hear Kayla quoting from the letter by Richard Maxwell in The citizen tho!

  4. Sue Taylor July 10, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Brett Hagey wrote an excellent article about last night’s meeting. You can see it by visiting the ‘Articles’ section of our website at

    There was so much exposure of so many problems last night. That’s always good for the community, especially when dealing with folks who despise transparency.

    My guess is that a whole lot of councilors will be absent from our Town Hall meeting on August 14th. They may not openly snub Kayla, although we have seen that. Maybe the excuses will sound quite genuine. It’s not like we can’t find out. But you know how it goes… those who attend will look responsible and caring of thier citizens and those who ‘duck’ out will show their true colours. It’s that simple.

    The kids have been running around their new playground undisciplined for far too long. Time to start playing nice with the other kids or get kicked out of the sandbox.

    And really… Kayla has never done anything wrong. She could have been out on Canada, upsetting them with a blow horn and passing flyers around. She didn’t. She could have had a crowd of people at City Hall. She didn’t. She isn’t the one causing the trouble here. She went through the right channels to ask her questions in the right way and THEY created all this mess. How is that sensible.

    And they’re suddenly concerned with Staff working overtime and taxpayers money being spent to answer these simple questions? Oh my! How much time have they already spent? How many hours on how many meetings? All the staff were there last night to hear this motion. In far less time, they could have had them answered and not ended up looking like a bunch of incompetent fools.

    We did not create any of this. They have only their own stubbornness and foolish pride to blame. Shame on them for playing silly games on our dime instead of doing the jobs we pay them to do!

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