How to: Create sacred space

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Sacred space gives you a location where you can focus your spiritual awareness and feel safe to explore your spirituality. When you build Sacred Space its all about intention, you can use your living room, a large closet, your garden and even find a nice secluded spot on a walking/hiking trail or park.

Permanent Sacred Space
Look around your home and try to find a spot that you can take all of the mundane items out of and set up as your own. This could be a small extra bedroom, a large closet that no one really uses or even a garden shed. The important thing is to set boundaries, allow others to know that this is a Sacred Space and that they need to respect that. It’s up to you if you allow family/friends to use it as a sanctuary as well or if you just want to keep it for yourself. Use your intuition to help you find the best direction. Once you have chosen a space, clean it out! Cleaning a space physically helps to clear it out spiritually. take everything out, vacuum, dust, wash walls etc. Sit in your clean, clear, space and close your eyes, open your heart to Spirit and set your intention for a Sacred Space. Ask your guides and angelic team to bring in healing spiritual light to this space continuously.  Now that you have a clean space, design a reflection of your spiritual self! Place curtains all over on the walls and ceiling to make it feel like a luxurious tent or paint the walls a healing colour. Colour correspondences are great to use to build your room to suit.

Once you have chosen a colour scheme and theme for the room you can also begin planning what objects you would like. You can have a Space full of fluffy pillows to sit or lay on the floor, or use furniture that calls to you. Seek out art that stimulates your spiritual juices! Play with this space because it is yours!!

Temporary Sacred Space
When building temporary Sacred Space it is more about finding a specific set of objects that make you think of spirituality. These objects can be statues, candles/a specific candle holder, specific crystals etc. Go out and buy yourself a small chest to keep your spiritual items in. When you are ready for spiritual work, simply take them out and set up a temporary altar with your items and begin. You can also take these items with you in a backpack (packed carefully) and go out to find a Sacred Space in Nature for your spiritual practice. You guides and Angelic team will provide you with a Spiritual cocoon of energy to facilitate your sacred space.  Remember to use your intuition and intention, because that is all Sacred Space is…an intention of Spiritual practice.

Happy Creating!



Danielle Hughes is a solitary eclectic witch from Cambridge. She has a great love for theology, philosophy and poetry. Although she has not written professionally, she has written blogs and social media articles for Let it Heal Cambridge. She has a passion for writing, teaching and being active in her community. Danielle works and teaches at Let it Heal Cambridge as a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Energy Healing. She has been featured in Mandyland Radio as Cambridge’s Intuitive Goddess and Healer Extraordinaire. Danielle can be reached via email at [email protected] for all questions about wiccan and pagan living.

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