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Inspiration! What a magical word. As I sit here and contemplate what inspiration means to me; I catch myself half smiling in a trance like state. A fire growing in my belly and a desire to push forward. The word conjures up so many images to my mind. My daughter inspires me to be the best I can be, to allow my light to shine. Music inspires me to dance. Beautiful art inspires me to see the magnificences that is in the world. Rainbows inspire me to believe. Most importantly, about five years ago after an accident rendered me unconscious; I was inspired to live.

I don’t mean living to survive in a sedate state. No, I mean living to really LIVE! To live in a state of inner happiness, inner joy and inner jump on the Oprah Winfrey coach and show the world how incandescently happy you are!

Do you remember the famous Tom Cruise incident where he was inspired by love to jump up and down on Oprah Winfrey’s coach? I look at that whole incident a lot differently from those people who criticized his exuberant display of joy. They disapproved and called him ‘crazy’, as if just by saying the word it made it true. (Just because someone says something, doesn’t make it so!)

I believe those people are afraid to let themselves feel and express joy or happiness in their own lives, so they can’t handle seeing others who are inspired to live their lives with brilliance. Living with inspiration makes them feel uncomfortable because they don’t understand it, they live in such an unhappy and staid state themselves. It makes them feel better when they sling insults and disapproval, in an attempt to bring people like Tom Cruise down to their level of uninspired living.

Instead, I say reach for the sky when it comes to feeling overjoyed with love and happiness. Try to bring yourself up to Tom Cruise’s level of inspired living. Jump on coaches, jump up and down on your bed. Remember how good that felt when you were a kid? If you can’t bring yourself to do that, then jump up and down on the neighbor’s trampoline. I like to put ‘Kiss’ by Prince on and hop up on my coffee table, close my eyes and just dance. Whatever you do, stop holding back and ‘Express Your Happiness; express your inspiration’!

For me, the way I express my inspiration is in the form of my writing and acting. Creating stories and making world’s for others to enjoy. I even named my company after a pair of hot pink boots that I throw on every time I want to be inspired to feel good, flirty and have some fun. hot PINK boots Publishing and Production, is my way to metaphorically jump up and down on Oprah Winfrey’s coach and to really live.

Before my accident I was making great money, had a wonderful life that I was very happy in. However, there was something missing. I would get up go to work, come home feeling empty and unable to sleep. I wanted for nothing, except to really feel alive. When I woke up on the hill after hitting my head and thought ‘What am I doing with my life?’ I realized I could’t keep going the way I was going. My family life was fully intact. I could truly say I loved my family with all that I had and then some. However, as far as careers go. If I had not woke up on that hill, what would I have done with my life that I could have said I did something that truly mattered, that inspired me, that inspired others.

When I close my eyes at the end of my life, hopefully surrounded by my family and friends. I want to be able to say my life mattered to my family, to me and to others who’s lives I’ve touched through the work that I felt inspired to create.

Remember everything you have can be gone in a flash; except the love, the laughter and the work that you’ve done ignited by inspiration.

By Wendy Clawsey from hot PINK boots



Wendy Clawsey, as a writer, actor and dreamer, Wendy spent most of her school years gazing out the window and making up stories to entertain herself. Later, with her daughter’s encouragement, Wendy started to jot down some of her stories. then tragedy struck. following a skiing accident, Wendy found herself in bed for over six months with a severe post concussion syndrome. she lived in a dream-like state that she couldn’t seem to make heads or tails of for years. she is currently working on a book that documents this experience. visit Wendy at

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