One Response to Just a Bunch of Religious Freaks!

  1. Lisa March 9, 2013 at 11:17 am

    I was one of those people who considered themselves spiritua, and non-religious. I checked out River City Church, and almost 4 years later have had my whole life changed in such a positive way that’s words cannot describe. i mean -a total 360!! EVERYTHING in my life changed! all because of my better understanding of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit & of the Bible. i would have never thought I would be a Jesus freak….here I am!! volunteer as much as I can, I serve others, I minister to others in need,and i support so many causes. I would have been just fine with being greedy, self-righteous and ignorant to God in my old life. Give my money to the needy? They put themselves there! Why is it my responsibility to help? Oh yeah- cause Jesus died for us, and God would spit me out of his mouth if I didn’t follow Him. I NEVER want that to happen!!! I want everyone to be loved & treated fairly!! I want to serve God! I want to follow Jesus, and live my life according to how he lives His!!! I was an addict…most of my life. I have been saved!!! i sold drugs to make money. Now i give money to those who need it. i am Blessed with a fantastic husband, children, family in Christ & career! a career. That’s a word I never thought I would use. Thanks to River City Church, my whole world was turned upside down & inside out when I thought it already was…what an eyeopener people!!! Thank you Darrell, thank you River City Family, I love all of you so very much!!

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