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Charmaine Dilley is excited to take the reins as the new head coach at Kips Gymnastics Club.

Charmaine Dilley is excited to take the reins as the new head coach at Kips Gymnastics Club.

June 3, 2013 marks an exciting day at the Cambridge Kips Gymnastic Club; Charmaine Dilley will be leaving her current position as General Manager and officially become the Head Coach.

“I’m very excited about this position,” Dilley excitedly testifies, “I love the kids & their families, love coaching, love gymnastics, love the Kips Club, and most of all love seeing how each person involved achieves their success.”

Dilley began her career with the Kips in 2001, starting off as a coach in the Recreational division, then moving on to coach Pre-Comp and Invitational groups as well as being a Supervisor, followed by General Manager. She has trained as both a gymnast and a dancer and has participated in both competitive and house league& recreational programs as both an athlete and a coach.

“We are so lucky to have such a great kids and families that support the athletes, coaches and Kips Club.” The energetic new Head Coach’s fervor is exhilarating; some of her initial goals include continued education for the 6 competitive coaches reporting to her as well as working in cooperation with the Recreational coaches to standardize techniques and elevate coaching benchmarks across the board.

Dilley is looking to be very involved; lots of “hands-on” activities with both coaches and the kids, working towards further banding the club together as a single unit. “I hope to support our coaches as they continue to successfully recognize and cater to the individual learning styles of our members, while gearing everyone towards unified standards throughout the club.”

Some of the responsibilities that fall under the job description of the Head Coach include direct coaching with the kids and with the coaches, creation and maintenance of the training schedule, registration, education, staff and member assessment and development, parent information meetings and general communication between the Club and families.

The Cambridge Kips Gymnastic Club provides a high-quality, high-calibre program promoting the sport of gymnastics and physical fitness while nurturing a sense of personal achievement, team spirit and enjoyment. Dilley’s beliefs are aligned perfectly with the Club’s, and she is thrilled be a part of the Kips family to enhance and help grow all the existing strengths. “The Kips gymnastic program acts as a tremendous learning tool for the members. It teaches special awareness, strength & flexibility, confidence, fearlessly overcoming obstacles, team work, goal setting, and participation in sport.”

There is a wide variety of programs available at Kips, and they are offering some exciting new programs during the summer and continuing into the next season in the fall. Each child is placed in appropriate programs that fit their skill level and interest and continue making learning and exercising a delightful part of every child’s life.

Make sure you check out their Facebook page and Website http://cambridgekipscom.startlogic.com for further details and to find out how this wonderful local club can help you help your child’s development, and keep an eye on the dynamic new head coach, Charmaine Dilley!



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