2 Responses to Local Campaign Worker Assaulted:Do you know these men?

  1. Deron Rennick April 29, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    Don’t know them, but I hope that they get caught. Personally, I cannot stand the Liberal Party of Canada. However, all parties must be free to campaign without suffering any form of intimidation or our system will not work. (And it sure beats getting shot at to choose a government.)It saddens me that so many campaign signs have been vandalized and kicked in during this election – but maybe it is being done by a bunch of idiots that aren’t engaged in the process either way? I hope that is the case as opposed to party supporters doing it to other parties. That would be much more serious.

    Anyway, lets help the cops to get these guys. Zero tolerence for this type of nonsense. I disagree with my friends, family and neighbours on politics all of the time. So what? They are still my fellow citizens and they are all entitled to their opinions. It’s called FREEDOM.

  2. carole payne May 2, 2011 at 9:12 am

    Be civil. Raise the bar. There is no need to hurt anyone during any election.
    Freedom of expression is freedom itself.
    Canadians have lost their lives for our right to vote.
    I am truly grateful for that right to my religion, Christian, my partisanship – Social Democratic – CCF/NDP. I influence my partisanship because I am a person of faith – Roman & Anglican Catholic.
    No apologies as an advocate for a just, nation state called Canada.

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