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Lawn Sign Fire Station

CAMBRIDGE, ONT. – “Cambridge and North Dumfries families want an MPP that is focused on creating jobs in our community, not destroying their opponents signs,” PC Campaign Manager Adam Yahn said after learning about the destruction of election signs by members of Kathryn McGarry’s campaign team.

“I had hoped that Kathryn McGarry and Kathleen Wynne would run a campaign that was focused on the issues of Cambridge and North Dumfries residents. It concerns me that active volunteers of the McGarry campaign have chosen to resort to vandalism,” added Yahn.

“Will Kathryn McGarry and Kathleen Wynne renounce the behaviour of their volunteers and the Cambridge Professional Firefighters Association?”

Yahn noted that a photo was sent to the PC campaign office of a lawn sign found in the garbage behind one of Cambridge’s fire stations. A copy of the photo has been given to the Waterloo Regional Police to assist them with their ongoing investigation into the theft and destruction of PC lawn signs.

“This is just one of two dozen phone calls and emails that our office has received from voters outraged with the tactics of the Liberal campaign. Our campaign has lost over 40 large signs and countless other private lawn signs thefts,” added Yahn.

“I hope that Kathryn McGarry will recognize that with 11,000 jobs lost over the past two months in our region, the focus needs to be on creating jobs in Cambridge. That is what PC Candidate Rob Leone intends to do.”

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