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  1. wayne harvey November 22, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    scott emailed me and asked if I could send some of my poetry work I write for people and families that ask for a personal poem and also about the motorcycle lifestyle heres a couple of poems and If you want me to send more just ask

    Mommy I’ll Be Singing with Angels,

    Everyday I think of my little girl,
    who’s life was taken away,
    Remembering this things she loved,
    And all the things she use to say,

    She wanted to grow up a singer,
    Always had a play mic,
    singing her favourite songs,
    It all seemed so right,

    Fantasy’s of being a star,
    And singing on Stage,
    Even loved Bob Segers
    Turn the Page,

    Then we got the news,
    That would change everything,
    But how could I tell Her,
    She always Dreamed of singing,

    The message was terminal,
    How could this be,
    How could I tell my little star,
    That she would be leaving me,

    I gathered my strength ,
    And called my little Star,
    it had to be done,
    but God its so hard,

    I looked into her eyes,
    Baby, Mommy has something to say,
    Oh God help me,
    This is my hardest day,

    I had to tell her,
    It had to be now,
    Theres never a right time,
    But I had to tell her somehow,

    The words stuttered from my lips,
    And the tears from my eyes,
    She stared up at me,
    Mommy don’t tell me no lies,

    Ok Hunny,Mommy won’t
    You’ll be leaving us soon,
    And will live in Heaven,
    Way past the moon,

    Mommy where God is?,
    Yes,and Angels to,
    Then thats Ok,mommy,
    I’ll watch over you,

    And one more thing Mommy,
    I will be ok
    I’ll still be able to sing,
    And I’ll see you when you pray,

    I’ll be singing with Angels,
    On the biggest stage ever,
    It’s what I always wanted,
    To be able to sing FOREVER

    written for a Mom & her Little Star,
    Wayne Harvey


    Wrote this poem/lyrics for the new front man and singer for TEEN AGE HEAD ,,hope u all like it

    from where Frankie left

    Were just performers,
    A life of ups and downs,
    Bright lights,smokey rooms,
    Still brings our fans around,

    We were always original.
    With fingering our own Licks,,
    But we play our own style
    Our true sound will stick,

    We are TeenAge Head,
    A cult band for years,
    losing our singer,
    Was one of our greatest fears,

    Time to pick up the pieces.
    With Peter at the Helm,
    He’s our savoiur,
    We need him around,

    A great Front man,
    who has dynamics & style,
    We been searching for him,
    For some while,,

    With style and dynamics,
    He’s taken off from,
    Where Frankie left,
    And still the Fans come,

    Their raw sound and lyrics,
    Never being far from the life,
    With what Frankie left,
    It still cuts like a Knife

    Personality lights the stage,
    With strong dynamics behind,
    Teen Age Head again,
    With thier heads back to the grind,

    Rock and roll isn’t easy,
    but its a life style,
    Now again TEEN AGE HEAD,
    Will be around for a WHILE,

    written in fun for Pete and the band from a fan
    Wayne Harvey

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