Say what you like about Mayor Craig, but he’s got my vote

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I decided to publish this under a seperate thread as it is as true today as when when it was published in The Record June 02, 2008.

Scot Ferguson

I like His Worship (just call me Doug) Craig. He told me recently he plans on running for “one more term in 2010” and I’m glad. Among other things, I know that as long as he’s in office there’s little chance of Cambridge having amalgamation shoved down its throat.

I came to know Craig after I wrote an article about him several years ago. He didn’t like what I had to say and he contacted me. He asked that I call him in the future and get his side, something I have since done several times.

I also run into him at a lot of public events and he’s always willing to take a few minutes to chat. We don’t always agree but he respects my opinions — which I have lots of.

Craig is down to earth and unpretentious. He usually answers his own phone, and I know his detractors will scream at me about the location of the new city hall, but to you I say: Where should it have gone? On Hespeler Road next to a strip club or a fast food restaurant? I like the location. I think it will draw more people downtown. It will increase traffic to both the Cambridge Farmer’s Market and the Cambridge Archives in the historic city hall.

I like what Craig has done for the arts. I grew up here in the 1970s and there was nothing for local artists. Craig, a writer, understands what a little recognition means to an artist.

I like how Craig interacts with the community. Craig has started the Mayor’s Walk for Volunteerism, Mayor’s Movie Night, and the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts.

He has been instrumental in core revitalization. He brought the University of Waterloo School of Architecture to the Galt core, which will be part of the legacy he leaves.

I like that Craig wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has told me stories of how his family lived in one room in a rooming house, with two other families living in the other two rooms. He told me how one Christmas he asked his grandmother if they were going to get a tree and she pointed to a tasselled lamp and said, “There’s our tree.”

Craig also told me that he spent several years in foster care. Craig has good reason to be conscious of social issues.

Most of all, I like the way Craig has been fierce in defending Cambridge’s interests in the face of amalgamation talks. He has stood up to the so-called Citizens For Better Government and told them in no uncertain terms that Cambridge wants to remain autonomous. Cambridge lost enough when we went regional, and Craig wants to take some of that back.

I am the fifth generation of my family born in Galt. My great-grandfather sat on council in 1915. I consider it my filial duty to do what I can to preserve the history and heritage of Cambridge, and I’m terrified that if we get swallowed up by Kitchener and Waterloo we’ll become a footnote in their history.

I know that as long as Craig’s in office he won’t back down, and I’m glad he decided to run again.

Scot Ferguson of Cambridge is a freelance journalist

2 Responses to Say what you like about Mayor Craig, but he’s got my vote

  1. Corina Harris October 22, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    I’m glad to see this post. You hear so much slamming of candidates but not much positive.

    Recently my husband and I were attending a dinner with friends in Kitchener when the election cane up. A friend who doesn’t and never has lived in cambridge asked if we were voting for Doug Craig. He said how impressed he was by what Doug has done for Cambridge and how he’s always stood by Cambridge first. He couldn’t name any other members of Cambridge parliament-be they ward councillors or regional ones but he knew who Doug was.

    How great it is that we have someone standing up for us and not letting Cambridge get steamrolled.

    I am voting for Doug Craig because I feel that he has a voice that needs to be heard.

  2. liam October 24, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    Good for you Scot, standing up for what you believe in. doug Craig is not the problem, bringing in some councillors with guts to stand up and be counted is what we need. Price and Keiffer should be out. The rest can stay, adding in the new folks will be a great start.

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