Senior Stars and Their Stories by Shelley Byers filmed by Gerhard

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The end of another year is approaching. It has been a year chock-full of memories revisited and stories told. On November 17, the Cambridge Libraries and Galleries and Chartwell Select Queen’s Square Terrace hosted the Senior Stars and Stories event that featured those inspirational people I have been privileged to interview for the Cambridge Citizen Golden Years column. The columns are available on the library website.

The afternoon was spent reminiscing with some gracious individuals from my column while being dazzled and spellbound by the talents of two Senior Stars who were among those in the competition held in June. As well, Bob Green, author, drummer, and columnist for the Cambridge Reporter took the stage to tell anecdotes from days gone by.

During the past year, I have learned about wood carving, steam engines, quilting, and farming, egg grading, canoeing, barbering, volunteering, and teaching. I have learned about war. But those were the thoughts that got me in the door.

What I was truly given, if only for an hour or so, was the opportunity to see and understand through someone else’s eyes the love of creativity, the belief in new possibilities, the sense of true beauty, the blessings of family, the heart of giving of oneself, and to never forget. I was allowed to hear stories from those who helped pave Cambridge streets. I can’t think of a better way to spend time.

Each person from my column had a completely different tale to tell, but they share one special trait – each is an inspiration. I thank you for allowing me into your homes, into your stories and for letting me share your inspiration with others.

Cheers to another year!



Shelley Byers has worked in the charitable sector for over 25 years promoting her passion through newsletters, local newspapers and various publications throughout the region. In 2007, she wrote and told stories on behalf of Pride Stables and won the United Way Speakers Award. Currently, she is working on a graphic children’s story with a local artist and hopes to one day give a copy to her mother.

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