She said it was her first time…

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This is not the fist time I have woken up and said ‘Was she as good as I remember.” but this time I have proof that she was.  I had to watch the video to be sure, and she is even better than I had remembered..

She had told me that it was her first time, and although I had no reason  to doubt her she moved with the skill of a pro, any slight fumbles were more than compensated for by a passion that was contagious.

She had me up a lot later than I’m used to, and I apologize, but the tale I have to tell of my new found prize will have to wait until tomorrow when I can properly do her justice.

In the mean time, here’s a sample. Cambridge, meet Ashleigh Konrad in her debut.

(I will save my comments about the fish net stockings for the story)


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