Spiritual Spring Cleaning

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Smudging is a ceremony commonly associated with Native American traditions; however, the

practice of burning herbs for spiritual cleansing/healing is a common practice throughout many

religions/cultures/spiritualities around the world.


Smudging is ultimately a ceremony of cleansing spiritual energies. The burning of specific herbs,

that are considered medicines, to create a ceremony that will take your prayers/blessings to the

Universe and facilitate cleansing of energy.

The smoke is the agent of cleansing which attaches to negative energy and sends it to the Light

to be transformed for its Highest Good. After cleansing, the smoke re-establishes the energy

within the space that was cleansed and promotes a space filled with positive, bright and balanced


The Tools:

Smudging is all about creating balance. In a ceremony we call in all of the 5 elements to create

this sacred wholeness.



Medicines/herbs used in your medicine pot



Feather-this is a sacred gift from the spirit animal which is used as a tool. Make sure you always

honour the spirit for its beautiful gift to you!



The fire used to burn the herbs and create the smoke…wooden matches are the most natural way

to go but you can use a lighter



Abalone Shell- used as your smudge pot



The smoke created from the burning of herbs which carries prayers/blessings to the Universe.

When the smoke begins you will also be calling in Creator/Spirit/Universe, Gaia/Earth Mother,

guides, angels, spirits of light, Goddesses, Faeries, all beings from the Light to be witness to the

healing and cleansing. Always call them in with gratitude and blessings. These are the beings

who facilitate the healing and allow for the knowledge to provide cleansing.


Always honour the spirit of the element you are bringing into the ceremony. As you pick up each

item, do so with a sense of sacredness and begin your prayers of thanks to each one.


The Medicines used:

Sage: This amazing medicine is used to cleanse a space of negative energies and provide a

protective barrier around the space.

Sweetgrass: Sweetgrass welcomes in positive spirits to your space to fill it with positive light.

Tobacco: Sacred tobacco is used as an offering of thanks to the Earth for providing the tools to

create the ceremony. Can’t find Sacred Tobacco? You can substitute with hand picked cedar.

Lavender: This plant is not only healing it increases the vibrations of peace, love and joy in your


To smudge your home you will want to begin in one room and systematically work through the

whole house. Do what feels right, you can start from the basement and work your way up or start

from the top and make your way down….


Work your way through each room, ensure that the smoke covers ever inch and gets into every

little nook and cranny!


Danielle Hughes is a solitary eclectic witch from Cambridge. She has a great love for theology, philosophy and poetry. Although she has not written professionally, she has written blogs and social media articles for Let it Heal Cambridge. She has a passion for writing, teaching and being active in her community. Danielle works and teaches at Let it Heal Cambridge as a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Energy Healing. She has been featured in Mandyland Radio as Cambridge’s Intuitive Goddess and Healer Extraordinaire. Danielle can be reached via email at [email protected] for all questions about wiccan and pagan living.

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