Statement By Kathryn McGarry Campaign Regarding Libelous PC Accusations

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Cambridge – Today in an act that only be described as libel, the Rob Leone PC campaign accused my campaign of wrongdoing, and I would like to take a minute to set the record straight.


In a news release and a statement filed with the Waterloo Regional Police, the Leone campaign alleges that volunteers from my campaign were vandalizing or removing PC signs from public property.


This is 100% false and I resent the accusation of foul play.


I demand a full apology from Rob Leone and his campaign team for filing these false allegations. I would also expect a full apology from Mr. Leone to the Cambridge Fire Department and Waterloo Regional Police Officers whose time was wasted with libelous accusations when their time is better spent keeping our community safe – rather than chasing false claims from a desperate PC campaign.


It is my understanding that the removal of the sign in question was at the request of the deputy fire chief due to the sign being placed on city owned property. The deputy fire chief is not associated with my campaign, however under Cambridge City by-laws election signs are not permitted on city property. It is my understanding that the deputy fire chief was acting in his capacity as a city employee, removing a sign on city property.


“Tampering with election signs is a criminal offence and I have been consistent in my opposition to any vandalism of election signs. My campaign team respects other party’s signs, and I would expect the same from all parties as we continue in this election.” said Kathryn McGarry.


The Rob Leone Campaign is trying to deflect from their leader’s unpopular position to fire 100,000 teachers, firefighters and education support workers. The campaign team recognizes that they are in a losing campaign and feel they have to resort to cheap accusations. They are clearly threatened by the positive ideas put forward by Kathleen Wynne and our Liberal government.

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