String Up The Bankers

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I know a lot of bankers.  Some are retired, some are still working, some are off doing even more amazing things in their careers.  I have to admit every one of them are pretty decent people in their own right.  Of course, you’d expect their life styles to reflect their industry, and for the most part they do, right down to the high-end Mercedes parked in the driveway, a car previously known in history as the Official Luxury Car of the Third Reich.

History; you can always find an argument about whether or not history should play a role in how you deal, in the future, with a given Person, Place, or Whatever.   Some people may say “Don’t be counting what happened in the past as a reflection of the future,” others may say “Once a Cheater, always a Cheater.” Again, such broad considerations concerning history reflect differently on what you are referring to, or who.

History, in the world of computers, is defined as the systems, the hardware, the software, that we have constructed in the past.  Nothing philosophical about it, nothing moral or immoral about it, computer stuff is pretty black and white.  They’re nothing more then glorified hammers, if you put it into the proper perspective; tools which allow us to go about our lives with less effort.

Of course, when you look at the people and events that made the world of computers the way it is, all of our 7 deadly sins are revisited at one time or another.  The same could be said about Mercedes-Benz, if you wanted to rethink that little remark I made earlier.

Bankers are getting a raw deal these days;  sure they have their share of crooks, but what industry doesn’t?  They live by the law, and if the law says they can give credit cards to anyone capable of holding a pen to sign their name so be it, the Law said they Can.  Wall Street didn’t crash the world’s financial markets; Bay Street didn’t force thousands of Canadians to go bankrupt just so they could smirk and giggle every time some poor slob’s wallet dies of starvation.

Financial markets, like all big business, make huge profits by exploiting the Law.  It may not be moral but it’s legal.  We the People vote in the leaders that are coerced and/or bribed to make the laws that business exploits, so from a black and white perspective, who really is to blame for this mess?

Perspective brings about different considerations concerning a person, thing, or event for that matter.   The Occupy Movement is both a celebration and a victim of perspective; the underlying concerns and objectives of the individuals participating in these various gatherings have, for the first time in our world’s history, combined to create a subjective mission statement outlined in the most black and white of terms:  The way things are done is not working , and maybe never did.

People view the Occupy Movement in different ways, depending on their own, unique situations.  For most it is just ignored, a minor issue in their already hectic, or perhaps sedentary lives.  For others, it marks a time in our history where the world is speaking in unison, making us realize that all the things we thought were wrong about the world really are wrong, and we’re not the only ones who know it.

Many perceive the Occupy Movement is all about global issues, or national ones, when in fact it’s all grassroots;  it’s about all the issues that we as individuals deal with in our personal lives.    We also see hope that since all the people of our modern societies we now have the ability to address the world’s issues , we also have the ability to do something about it, all of it.  The ones who take up the torch from here, will ultimately be the ones who make the changes that can only come from a new look at the way we allow our world to be run.

A great leader in my industry, Steve Jobs once said “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”  He was absolutely right.

The ‘System’ needs an upgrade.



5 Responses to String Up The Bankers

  1. Chris Baker August 10, 2012 at 4:42 am

    “Give me control of the nations money and I care not who makes It’S laws”; Nathan Rothchild; another “Descent” guy. I am not attacking you and I am sure you are sincere;but your article misses the p;oinjt. The occupy movement though not well organized or articulate was about the dawning awareness of who really runs the show. I am sure bankers may not be bad people but the institution itself is corrupt and like anything when you wallow in the mire it gets harder and harder to wash away the filth,. The whole institution of fractioanal reserve banking is a shellgame. Only ten percent of the money in circulation is based on real wealth. Look at Greece their government bought into toxic; worthless dirivitives from Goldman Sach’s;deliberately conning them and have the government sign it’s citizens on and then take their assets when its time to pay up. I recommend reading John Perkins, Confession Of An Economic Hitman. I also find the moral relativism and blase’ tone of the article disturbing. It is a culture deeply steeped in corruption and a symptom of how far gone it really is.Where is the outrage? These fatcats have already broken the back of Europe, raped the third world and they are coming home to roost. These people engineer wars; creat booms and bust’s. I would also recoomend reading Carroll Quigley (CFR)Tragedy and Hope.

  2. RV August 10, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    Sounds like The Golden Rule “Those who hold the gold make the rules!”

  3. SV August 10, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Ooops Signed my wrong name, Should be SV not RV. Must have been thinking about my vacation.


  4. Chris Baker August 15, 2012 at 12:42 am

    It is not really public knowledge yet; but are leaders are bought and paid for. They are front men. Call it a conspiracy theory but a theory is part of the scientific method which is the first step in finding out the truth. All the G8 countries have a central bank which is really owned by a private corporation with it’s hub in Switzerland. So when the government bails out the banks they borrow the money from the banks which charge interest to bail them out and then the taxpayer is forced to pay back the same banks the amount to bail them out plus interest. I would praise them for ingenuity of the scam if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a conscience and belief in honour. I challenge anybody to ask an elected official; oh let’s say that automaton Dalton McGinty, about why the government can’t print it’s own money and I bet you won’t get a straight answer.

  5. Siju April 3, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    Thank you! This is like the results you used to post about 12 yrs ago and we love it. Round by round with all the stats it doesn’t get any beettr than that. Thank you again.

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