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Just as our kids were beginning their summer holidays, the Ministry of Education in all its infinite wisdom decided that it’s no longer acceptable for kids in Grade 7- 12 to receive a zero  when they hand in their work late, or even fail to complete the work at all.

With this new policy, students instead of being given a zero or even have marks deducted for late assignments, will be given an opportunity to “renegotiate” a new deadline or have the ability to do an alternate assignment to show that they  do in fact grasp the curriculum.

In a question and answer sheet posted on the ministry website, when asked if this is being too soft on kids, they simply answer by saying this policy is in fact more demanding of kids. “When we give students a zero on an assignment, we are telling them that they can choose not to do the work. Giving students zero actually gives students an easy way out because they can choose to not do the work.”


No, in giving them a zero, we’re telling them that you can choose not to do your work, (you always have a choice as an adult) but if you do choose not to, then there are consequences for your actions.

What are we teaching these kids if we simply say, “Oh it’s okay, if you didn’t do your work, bring it in next week or the following week. What would be an acceptable time for you?” What is going to become of these kids when they head out into the real world?

We are setting up our children for failure with these ridiculous rules. Already in grade school we longer fail children. Never mind if you can read or write, we don’t want to hurt their feelings by keeping them behind, so we send them through, hoping that somewhere down the line they will learn what they need to know to become productive adults.

What kind of education system are we creating for these kids? We’re supposed to be preparing them for life after school, instead we’re instilling in them this politically correct attitude that everyone is the same and there are no winners or losers.

Well surprise, the real world doesn’t function like that and if we teach them it does, then these kids are going to fail. We live in a world of deadlines, where our employers expect more and more from us on a daily basis, if these kids come out of school thinking that deadlines are negotiable then how can we expect them to excel?

Every day I am expected to provide work on a deadline, the fact that you’re reading this proves that we all live by deadlines. Us coddling and handling these young adults with kids gloves so we don’t hurt their fragile psyches is not doing them any favours.

Prepare them for the future, or we’ll all have 40-year-old children living in our basements, because the only jobs they’ll be equipped for will be pumping gas or washing dishes.

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