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James and I went to the public meeting at City Hall regarding the facelift in Downtown Galt on Thursday not just to see the plans, but  to corner, I mean talk to, the counselors individually, something that isn’t really possible at a council meeting.

A far as the “facelift” goes, the plan is to improve the streetscape to attract more pedestrian traffic. (Before you balk remember that Drayton is coming) The plans include more benches, better trees, unified signage and improved rear facades. There was no real opposition; the only issue seemed to be the loss of 5 parking spaces downtown.

Joining Mayor Craig were Councilors Tucci, Wolf, Price, Reid, Ermeta and Monteiro. James and I took the opportunity to chat wirh them. As they mingled with the crowd the topics they discussed were not limited to the downtown facelift.

In spite of Doug Craig’s attempts to keep me busy, I wanted to corral the rookie counselors to see how they were fitting in, and see if they had been brainwashed yet. I expected them to be reluctant to talk to James and I, but this was anything but the case.

All 3 were willingly discussed whatever topic I broached, including Drayton, the budget and brownfields. (former industrial land that is contaminated) that are currently being rehabilitated.

In addition, Nicholas Ermeta wants readers to know he is currently looking for a house in his ward. He is currently working on a website to help him keep his constituents informed, and he will finish his degree in Urban and Regional Planning at Uof W later this year.Frank Monteiro is working on fulfilling an election promise that is sure to please, not the residents of his ward, but everyone in Cambridge. ( I promised not to release the details yet)

Sites like The Citizen are relatively new, and our politicians are realizing that social media is not only here to stay, it is a force to be reckoned with, and they are taking it seriously. Although they don’t leave comments often, Doug and Council do read us.

I have been dealing with Doug Craig and most of current council for a decade for columns I have freelanced for The Times, The Reporter, The Record and Echo Weekly, usually involving something that has been brought to my attention by readers. On several occasions they have changed their position once the issue was publicized. During that time no member of council has ever failed to return my calls and discuss whatever the issue is, and this hasn’t changed with the new council. What has changed is that they are more accepting of the effectiveness and impact of “Social Media,”

Cartoons and humour aside, The Citizen has established itself as a place to rationally discuss what is going on in our community. Rather than bitching and making derogatory comments, as some sites like to do, here at the Citizen we are going to contact Doug Craig or any member of council on behalf of our readers if the issue in question warrants it.

With that being said, Doug has agreed to meet with me for a chat to discuss local issues of concern to Citizen Readers, and I hope to do the same with everyone on council.  I will be setting up a separate discussion where you can post what you would like me to discuss with him. (topics such as Drayton and the budget are a given)

James and I would like to thank everyone once again. The contributors, commentators and most of all, the readers, have made us the number 2 site in the area according to Post Rank, second only to The Record. (for now)

Thanks Again

Scot and James

P.S. not only have they been watching my “Life in Lamebridge” animations online, a small crowd gathered to watch when one of the council members had me set my laptop!

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2 Responses to The Cambridge Citizen:Your conduit to council

  1. Lary Turner January 31, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    Setting yourselves up as a conduit to City Council could be risky! …. could I suggest you invest in a pair of knee high rubber boots?

  2. scot January 31, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    How about hip waders?
    At the same time, Lary, you know that if you have a problem you can phone Rick Cowsil and get an answer.
    If there is a legimate complaint I have no problem approaching Doug and council. Although I don’t always like the answers I get, but I will get answers.

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