The Fight – Stalemate

By  | February 10, 2015 | 0 Comments | Filed under: Poetry

As I whine and she bitches

Nothing will ever mend these stitches

Words fly out full of denial, disrespect and dismay

While every time it ends when one of us freaks out and decays

Hormones fly about

Trying to figure each other out

But we don’t know what we mean

Just getting the upper hand it may seem

Pointing out flaws

As it leaves daggers and claws

Into each other’s souls

And making us collapse like burrowing moles

To call our relationship dysfunctional is tame

As insults attack and mentally maim

We try to hold back

It is restraint we lack

Even though we love each other so

We treat each other like we were adversary, villain or foe

Repressing our feelings would decrease our sanity

When we want to call each other out on the others vanity

We know to a certain extent we can take it

Even though it would feel like a trip to the devils pit

Being lit

Taking each other’s shit

As boundaries are crossed

And hearts tossed

Pushing each other until irate

Ultimately culminating in a stalemate

But then at the end of the day

It ends the same way

Not with anger, hatred or fear

But knowing who we hold very close and dear

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