The line is being drawn in the sand for Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies

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Protesters at one of the many rallies in front of the Cambridge Children’s Aid.

Protesters at one of the many rallies in front of the Cambridge Children’s Aid.

After much criticism, especially in recent months, it looks as if things will be changing for Ontario’s child protection agencies. With Bill 42 passing second reading on April 11, 2013 (a bill to allow the Ombudsman the powers to investigate the Children’s Aid), a new funding formula being implemented by the province, scathing reports of abuse of power, and endless stories of abuse of children and youth in care saturating the media, it looks as if Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies (CAS) will be operating under greater scrutiny in the very near future.

This type of oversight has been long sought after as Ontario is the only province or territory in Canada that does not have independent oversight of these agencies which receive in excess of 1.5 billion dollars of taxpayers money each year. All of the investigative work is done internally, Board of Directors investigate complaints and the Child and Family Service Review Board is only able to investigate matters that are not before the courts.

There is virtually no recourse for families dealing with false allegations and evidently there are no proper investigations conducted. The Ministry of Child and Youth Services is governed by the province but the agencies themselves are private corporations, with no accountability or transparency, and an absence of proper checks and balances in place. In other words, we have the fox watching the chicken coup.

This year began with negative accounts of their inner workings, as Provincial Child Advocate, Irwin Elman, spoke to The Star in January about the systematic problems he is discovering within the system. Many children and youth die under the care of these agencies and little is being done to prevent these tragedies from reoccurring. During Elman’s interview it was also stated that, “Hundreds of key recommendations to prevent the deaths of children in custody have been ignored or rejected by government agencies.” Elman also cited that according to his office’s database,” Of the 1,635 recommendations made since 1995, only 17 per cent had been implemented. Another 24 per cent were listed as “had or will be implemented.”

In recent years there have been many reports of abuse, physical, sexual and even pedophiles going undetected. The agencies go to great lengths to protect those responsible for the abuse – not the children. Elman also referred to the privacy laws in the Child and Family Services Act as “bizarre.” It would seem as though these laws are in place to protect the agencies – not the vulnerable children and youth that they are charged with the responsibility to protect.

Past audits have raised concerns about misappropriated funds, lavish vacations, expensive SUV’s and the list goes on. There has been a recent investigation into the spending of a few agencies, among those chosen is Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region and those results are due to be released soon. There are some agencies that receive even more funding annually than their municipal police forces, an organization that they have even more power over.

One prime example of the type of secrecy they maintain is the case of Donald Klasges, the 65-year-old foster parent that was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2010 for abusing a foster child and impregnating her. The Sudbury and Manitoulin District Children’s Aid Societies fought vigorously to have not only his name kept private, but all other reporting on the case as well. One can only imagine the tens of thousands of dollars that it must have cost the taxpayers for legal fees. Klasges sexually abused a young girl in his care from the time of her arrival at his home at age 11, until she was 14 and became pregnant as a result. Over the years he had 42 different foster children placed in his care, so this begs the question ….. Why would they want to keep his name, and the nature of his crimes secret with that many other children out there who potentially could have been victims of his abuse?

This case is not an isolated one, our province is plagued with these types of abuses, yet the Children’s Aid will continue to cry out to the public, pulling on their heartstrings for more money for the children they claim to protect. In the future we may very well see class action lawsuits against the province for damages by victims, and to remedy the problems it will be up to Ontario taxpayers once again. There are a slew of other social problems it will create that are very far reaching.

Recently we have seen scathing reports from Barbara Kay with the National Post, Katie Daubs from The Star, and many others in recent years alerting the public, despite the many limits and constraints due to privacy laws. The latest and most disturbing development was in March this year when Daubs reported on Peel Children’s Aid Society and the internal memo that was leaked to the media. The memo was urging staff to keep files open and begin as many new investigations as possible to secure funding. To date, the agencies funding is based on the number of children in care and files open. The implications of such a request are very serious, and if carried out would have profoundly negative effects on children and their families. As Daubs points out, it is a funding formula with “perverse incentives.”


Since 2006, several bills have been introduced calling for Ombudsman oversight. NDP leader, Andrea Horwath, was the first to introduce Bill 88 in 2006, which never made it past first reading, and two more bills were introduced since with no success. Finally, Monique Taylor of the NDP party introduced Bill 110 which made it through first and second reading to only be prorogued shortly afterwards due to Dalton McGuinty’s resignation. Undiscouraged by this, Taylor promptly introduced Bill 42 in late March of this year. It passed first and second reading with both the PC and NDP party voting unanimously in support of the bill along with one Liberal representative in agreement. The final vote was 55-34 in favour.

Provincial Ombudsman, Andre Marin, has been requesting the authority to investigate the Children’s Aid, but to date it has been staunchly opposed by the Liberal government. For advocates such as Neil Haskett and his wife Tabatha Haskett, they have been advocating for change since 2005. Founders of “The Ontario Coalition for Accountability,” they have worked tirelessly to get our politicians on board and have finally, along with many other advocates around the province, succeeded in getting two of three parties to agree that we have systematic problems that need urgent attention and the Ombudsman would be a good start.

Since Marin took office in April of 2005 there have been 3,537 complaints from that time until  February 28, 2013, none of which he has been able to investigate. To allow him the power to investigate he would have the ability to look directly into their files, make recommendations and even lay criminal charges if that type of activity is uncovered.













84 Responses to The line is being drawn in the sand for Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies

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  2. Christina Hurst April 30, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    Excellent read. I would like to add that CAS uses phycotropic drugs on these children, most of which are not recommended for children under the age of 18 years,and most of the children don’t need them. CAS has many private pshycologists and pshciatrists on their payrolls, they will say anything, document anything in order for the children to be medicated. My own daughter is a being “drugged for profit” as well has been abandoned to a group home as they said “they have no where else to put her”.How about her home? why would they dump her into a group home? Profit! My daughter wants nothing more then to be home with her family, these people dont care about her needs, just the income she generates for them. They say kids are flexible and will adjust,well of course they will, after they have medicated them .No one is aloud to tell her they love her, only I can do that,and hearing it once every 2 weeks is not enough for a child.

  3. October Fostey April 30, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    I have prayed for this for many years now. I work hard to advocate for the families I serve and have had minimal results from challenging the CAS in our area when they have intimidated and terrorized some of the clients I have been proud to serve. The untold trauma’s these families and children have faced is horrendous and I can only hope that those who have been directly affected by these agencies will be justly served. Thank you so much for publishing this information. A new day will begin now.

  4. Kelly Bedard April 30, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    The Sarnia Lambton CAS took their turn with us and I’m happy to say they lost. We won our costs however nowhere near what it really cost our family. We knew our rights and would not back down. We actually have the first published case against Sarnia in the Ontario Court of Justice. The presiding Justice saw through their lies and actually was quite critical of the tactics they had deployed. He agreed there appeared to be a personal vendetta between the worker and us. A children’s lawyer also made comment that the Society had put more resources into our case than any other they had ever seen. We will be pursuing legal action in a class action if it is granted status. Feel free to look up the case on CanLii under 2011ONCJ 802. This Bill is well past due.

  5. Kelly Bedard April 30, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    The Sarnia Lambton CAS took their turn with us and I’m happy to say they lost. We won our costs however nowhere near what it really cost our family. We knew our rights and would not back down. We actually have the first published case against Sarnia in the Ontario Court of Justice. The presiding Justice saw through their lies and actually was quite critical of the tactics they had deployed. He agreed there appeared to be a personal vendetta between the worker and us. A children’s lawyer also made comment that the Society had put more resources into our case than any other they had ever seen. We will be pursuing legal action in a class action if it is granted status. Feel free to look up the case on CanLii under 2011ONCJ 802. This Bill is well past due.

  6. AboutTime April 30, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    Fantastic! It’s about time. Many people don’t pay attention or even care until it affects you but when it does, wow…what an eye-opener. Seriously? An organization with more power than the police who doesn’t have to answer to anyone and can hide so much behind the privacy laws, and they clearly watch each others backs too. You can add Cochrane to the list of agencies that leave a lot to be desired. You know in some cases it only takes one or two caseworkers with hidden agendas or a bias to terrorize communities and ruin good families. I would very much welcome a class action and in the meantime I will continue to document and wait for the day that I can expose the corruption and incompetence in north eastern Ontarion as well.

  7. July Mcdonald April 30, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    Thank you very much for this article. Well researched, well written and to the facts. I wish there were more article such as this one! Our tax dollars are being spent on an organization (private one at that) that has no accountability. To me, as a Canadian citizen that is unacceptable. Our Government need to wake up and smell the roses because we will not stand for this kind of behaviour.

  8. purley quirt May 1, 2013 at 11:45 am

    This article is an excellent summary of the parts, and reflects the observations of the many.
    However, I would like to add a common denominator that invades several ” systems” originally designed to help people( police, physicians, counsellors, schools ) where a “disassociation” has occurred and people are only seen ( and understood) on a “per event ” basis.
    The life of others is only a ” moment in time”…. to be passed over ….or passed on.. to another person.
    This total “breaking’ of the bond of brotherly love and caring for our neighbor” has left us all shattered and broken ( even the workers).
    The cure is not to be placed solely on yet another government service… Someone inside society itself, inside the neighborhood, inside caring individuals, need to connect people to ” restoration” of their lives ( both the helpers and the victims who can no longer see anything beyond their own needs).

    The CAS stands out as a “group” that does not even follow it’s own standards of operation and demonstrates the boldness people have that are ” not answerable to anyone”. This makes it a perfect scapegoat.
    I welcome that answerability…. but it does not remove the reality that we are answerable to God for the right things that we ” failed to do” …. all of us.

    The CAS concept needs a total return back to rescuing the family and understanding how much the children need the love of their own parents. A hope exists………We stand at the threshold of government $ funding a ” whole society” perspective of health ( Population Health) and that is our doorway to getting it right …NOT… simply the Ombudsman discovering what’s wrong… there must ALSO be something that “sets it right” again!

  9. Brad May 1, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    Other professions and organizations abuse these foot soldiers themselves. One such incident being a bunch of parents as well as myself at my son’s school having them called on us for basically not signing up with a dentist (from what I understand). We were all required to fill out some forms and return them to her but a lot of the parents’ dentists were either too busy or refuse to sign them, though they see the child regularly. Situations like that do NOT require cas attention, not over unfilled forms. Some parents already received visits (I was only threatened via letter to have them notified). My son’s dentist took care of everything and were upset over it just as the rest of us. I’ve already had to fight and get him home when he was first born over his mother’s previous relationship involvement with them even though her and I were broken up. Got him home just after a year old (finally home from the hospital since he was taken a month after premature birth)but they had false accusations I continuously had to prove myself for the next couple years. Up until this dental incident they left me alone and we left them alone. Dr. Maria Van Harten was the name on my letter.

  10. Khrystyne May 1, 2013 at 2:04 pm


    I am glad that finally Children’s Aid will be exposed.
    When I was young, my mother came home and I was not there. The children’s Aid worker took me and placed me in a foster home. I didn’t know how I got there, nor do I remember when I returned to my mother. But I remember that my mother gave the worker a good tongue lashing, and she never tried that stunt on my mother again.
    This happened back in the Mid ’70’s. You have to stand up to them or they will take over.
    I hope others will agree with me.
    For those who are able, take them down.

  11. marriam amber hammoudi May 1, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    my case is 1251 days old tomorrow… a final order has been placed upon us by stratford family court judge r.w.rogerson…having based his judgement on a parenting capacity assessment done by doc wittenberg of sick kids toronto, and the testistimony of social workers from victoria goderich and stratford offices…with a warning not to publish or go to the media about my story…which started in goderich during a family vacation…followed us home to voctoria, brought us back foricablly to goodercich and by court oder held us there..foloowed us to stratford , reapprehended our babies and went for crown ward ship with no access…this wittenberg fellow recommended it… the judge has granted them crownwardship no access because ourildren will be harder to adopt if the see us…they have been labled protesdent when we are not. my daughter wont settle for them and a psychiatris form stroaford S.S.U. doc salo…diagnosed her with adhd and recommended placing her on biphentin….says if they dont she’ll be a teenage mom high school drop out with low grades drug addict… really i attended a meeting where this creature with a licennsec to prescribe medication sat acrooss form me and spewed this shit out of her mouth about my baby… our appeall was just accepted by the supreme court and my lawyer’s reviewing transcripts… we havent seen our babes since december…and GOD only knows when this will end…

  12. Fred May 1, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    This article is wonderful. As others have said you do not realize what goes on until you have to deal with this agency. We would not support hospitals without registered nurses – why do we support this agency where most of the “social workers” are not registered so that they can avoid practicing according to the professional standards of the College of Social Workers. The agency needs accountability not the extra money being given to waterloo by the Liberal government. Oversight is definitely in order and the ombudsman can expect to be busy

  13. Fred May 1, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    This article is wonderful. As others have said you do not realize what goes on until you have to deal with this agency. We would not support hospitals without registered nurses – why do we support this agency where most of the “social workers” are not registered so that they can avoid practicing according to the professional standards of the College of Social Workers. The agency needs accountability not the extra money being given to waterloo by the Liberal government. Oversight is definitely in order and the ombudsman can expect to be busy

  14. Shelley May 4, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    I once lived in the CCAS and I was in a receving home and was smacked cause they thought I was drink so I ran away and they had helacoptior s up looking for me and the police I had to live on the street for about 3 weeks and when I finally got found I was sleeping in an under ground grauge in a boat and I told them that I did not want to go back to the home cause I was feeling like I was begin center out. Now I alos have children that I have been fighting for and fasle allagiction were made against me and now I do not have my child cause of the ccas or cas I am trying to get my 4 year year old home now but cause there is a one year to fight for you child the cas new about a parenting capacity that was done on myself that they kept saying to myself and the father that we may ask for a parenting capacity and when they finally asked for it my child was 8 months old and we were put on a waiting list and was not seen till my child was 11 months old so basically we lots all right to our child we told that if we did this that the cas would work with us but in fact they went against us and asked for crownward with access even tho the parenting capacity was sort of in our fav but because the one year was not meet cause the capacity was not done till june we lots our right and had to agree to kinship care as we thought it was going to help us beable to work to bring our child home but the cas went for corwnward on us I feel that it was all a lie and they did what they had to to keep our child away from us and only giving us one visit a week with our child and now that she is going to start school in sept they want the kinship to adopt her and we lose all our right to our child and that tears us apart

  15. Terri-Anne Bucholtz May 5, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    I truly believe Esther Buckareff deserves a major MEDAL OF FREEDOM !!! there SHOULD BE A MONUMENT BUILT IN HER HONOR!!!!

    Wow between her BEAUTIFUL & MOST FEARED By cas most intelligent work with the complete support of her faculty!! , along with the warriors of the coalition against FAMILY TERRORISM & CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, LEADERS FROM all our local groups THEY ALL TRULY DESERVE A MEDAL OF FREEDOM !!! I sense that acknowledgements in the future as we watch on the history channel , will address them ALL as HERO’s , as they stay strong and fight for the GREAT OF GOOD 🙂 THey all do this work for FREE not one dime payed as a advocate and fighter for YOU ! and your FUTURE FOR YOUR CHILDREN’S WELLBEING RIGHTS & SAFETY IN SOCIETY ! and point out how your getting bluffed to support it as a hard working TAX PAYER .

    with all of the controversy and PROOF of the Powers resistance rational moral , take accountability & or to show morale with working together to find great resolutions , , it proves exactly the POINT WE MAKE
    >>RAPE RAPE << HELP RAPE !!! FOR THE FUTURE !!! WITH NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH NO FREEDOM TO healthy debate / to FIGHT TO PROTECT THE FUTURE ! we are being completely RAPED by our own Country

    ALL OF THE GROUP leaders are WARRIORS ! deserve a medal of FREEDOM ! if they / we are all able to "STICK TOGETHER PERSISTENT & STRONG" , to LIBERATE our FUTURE to be HERO'S to these family's and kids, they need so desperately!! Our children need to learn compassion as they fight for whats RIGHT to be a true Canadian !

    FULL DOCUMENT ON THE LOWER RIGHT OF THIS WEBSITE !!! Reach out to the groups leaders/advocates in your area, find out what you can do to help !
    DEMAND COMPASSION AS A GIVEN CANADIAN RIGHT! DEMAND INTEGRITY MAKE SENSE and restore a sense of family & wellbeing for the FUTURE ,
    OFFER a future of value and pride to your children!
    BE A HERO! HELP! educate yourself

  16. Advocate May 5, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    Thank you for the posting the website for this very controversial but important documentary that sheds light on the inner workings of child “so-called” protection in Ontario. I took part in this doc and was an assistant researcher for the doc as well. Esther received a more than well deserved award for it, and it is a fine work that speaks mounds and gives all of the children that have died in the care of CAS a voice from the grave as well. It was an honour to work with her, know her and I will be forever thankful for her committment and integrity. She deserves all the praise she has received so far … and then some. I encourage people to watch the doc online, it is only 75 mins long but a real eye-opener!

  17. Grannysad May 10, 2013 at 12:32 am

    The CAS needs some accountability. The ombudsman would be a good start. When a parent lies with no regard to the childrens best interest and the grandparents are disregarded even when proof is provided. It is a sorry and sad situation we have in ontario. It seems there is really no regard for the children just protecting the current system no matter the cost.

  18. The Advocate May 10, 2013 at 11:22 am

    It is a crime as far as I am concerned for anyone to use a child as a pawn in an adult dispute and bring an agency like this into the picture when there are no child protection issues, just adult issues. Unfortunately that is correct about grand parents but studies have shown that it works the opposite way as well and in fact there are more grand parents making false claims against parents with total disregard for the children. Either way, all need to step up and act like adults and leave the children out of it.

  19. CCAS Abused my family May 28, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    CCAS targeted my family. They falsified court documents, misquoted and out right lied in court. I have proof that the worker purgered herself in court and knowingly lied in affidavits about medical informationthat was not true and was not disclosed her despite her saying The doctor told her. These are criminal offenses and yet no one is being charged. My son and I have ptsd from the terrorism they placed upon my family. They caused me complications while, put me in a situation where I was abused and forces me to live with my children with knowm abusers despite having my own home. They ruined my daughters first year of life and completely sucked it of the magical time it should have been. They tore my partner and I apart and more.

    All of this and no justice for us. Nothing. when I tried to press charges I was told I wasn’t eligible to presscharges despite quoting specific facts and laws that state I was legally entitled to press charges. There is no justice.

    Lawyers don’t even defend their clients properly. They are unaware of sections like 51 that can be used to protect families.

    if you need information on laws to protect your self conecct with the group called Stop the Children’s aid from taking children from good families. advocates lile Kim Shook and Chris York can help you but you have to act immediately. Educate yourself before it happens.

  20. CCAS Abused my family May 28, 2013 at 10:58 pm my previous link was shut down by facebook here is the working link

  21. July McDonald May 28, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    It is indeed a sad situation for families acroos Canada who have to deal with CAS. Unfortunately this private organization seems to be driven by money rather than feelings and well being our children. The fact that lawyers, judges are being blind tho this fact is beyond comprehension. Our justice system/ our laws needs a huge revamp and until that is done injustice will continue to prevail. So friends it’s also time to do something about those judges (especially those who seem to be bought out by CAS and others)! Once that’s done, CAS won’t stand a chance, because in front of a judge who is fair and true their lies, fabrications of false evidence, misuse of our tax dollars by having police officers as their shield will be denied… So Citizens of Ontario and all of Canada it time to get to work!

  22. Paul Williams May 29, 2013 at 9:19 am

    About dam time someone jerked on the reins of a group of organizations ran essentially by Femnazi’s, many just out of College with no experience with kids telling people they are lousy parents with no right to raise kids. I have a lawsuit going against CCAS right now and the CCAS wants to get out of paying me a dime on Statute of Limitations grounds, negotiations are ongoing and my lawyer Loretta P Merritt is trying to bring them to the table to settle with figures like $10,000 to $15,000, pretty bloody insulting if you ask me, the only other recourse is to sue another lawyer Gordon Vadum for Negligence, he never advised me at all on suing the CCAS back in 1992 when after having one of the bullies in a group home I was placed in Criminally Charged and Convicted, this lawyer dealt with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board of Ontario. I had talked to this lawyer in 1992 three times on the matter and he said nothing. Sue I may be suing this prick lawyer as well, for losses based on the Statue of Limitations law.If I had launched a lawsuit back then I could have been looking at settlement figures in the hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of a paltry $10,000 to $15,000. The laws on the books should be changed so the is no Statue of Limitations on Children’s Aid Societies criminal acts leading to kids getting abused and then looking for justice when they grow up and lawyers need to have some balls when dealing with clients asking about suing CPS agencies.

  23. ELEANOR BURNS May 29, 2013 at 9:42 am

    We the people of Kirkland Lake Ont. have many concerns when it comes to the CAS.
    They are removing children from homes in which the children are loved.
    And placing children back in homes that the children were removed from for some serious reasons.
    I really do wish for someone to look into all of this, because these poor children need us to fight for them.
    Just because we are a small community, doesn’t mean our children mean less, and just because the worker from the CAS knows someone and may be friends outside of work, doesn’t mean they can put the children back in harms way again.
    I for 1 would sure like to talk to someone about a few cases I know about and to have them investigated and have these poor children taken from their abusive situations and put back where they will always know LOVE

  24. Gail Clow May 29, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    Our daughter has been battling these people for the last 5 years. Originally the children were taken to spend the night with CAS because they thought the father too inhibreated to look after them…a neighbour with an agenda had called them. Our daughter was just up the stairs visiting a friend and when she came back down there was CAS, telling her she could have the children back in the morning. They didn’t know she was across the hall so to speak but the children were sleeping so she would get them in the morning. They still have them and the following two that were born as well. No reason was given other than that there might be a potential for problems in the future. She has fought valiently this whole time, turned herself inside out, backwards, and upside-down…been to court over and over again, had workers lie on the stand ( and proven they have perjured themselves)…it goes on endlessly. They were not allowed to stay with us because I am bedridden and have a commode in my bedroom…even if she lived there too, and my husband available as well. They are still sneaking around with the children and keeping information hidden. One of our grandaughters complained of a sore ‘gina at one foster place because daddy x did things and had her do things. The CAS basically ignored this and covered it up. We have no recourse. A few years ago a little boy died in CAS care. The solution? The governement gave them an extra $30,000,000 (30 mill.)in extra funding. Kenora Rainy River CAS is a horror story of northern Ontario. The police do whatever they tell them to do and the judges have mock courts and then do whatever CAS wants. Lawyers just appear because they have to, miss court dates constantly and actually work with the CAS while supposedly working for the parent(s) to get their children back. You cannot tell your lawyer anything that is not immediately reported back to CA$ . Human rights are trampled. Children are abused and some die. Entire families are torn apart and emotionally abused and destroyed. This barely covers the tip of what is going on. I refuse to try to imagine what kinds of things have been done that I don’t know about. My mind will not dare not travel to ‘what else has happened’, and our government just keeps paying them more and more money to freely trade in children. Accountability? It is long overdue indeed; but how much; certainly not enough to cover the damages they have done and are still doing.It is past time to return children to deserving, loving families and far too late to give back those who have either ‘aged out’ of CAS or died in their care. Yes, there is a need at times to give a child a better chance than what is happening in their own home…but removing the child from his or her family entirely with no access is not the answer. I taught for years, as did my husband. I watched what they did. Now they have done it to our family. I tried back then and I’m still trying to get justice for children and their families, but now it is my family they ravaged. Why has the government blindly continued to hand over millions and millions of dollars to these private businesses and not demand accountability? I would say it is because it is convenient to have them, no questions asked; and nobody has wanted or been allowed to open this can of worms. I am praying the backlash is worse than they could have ever imagined, because it has certainly been that way for families across this country for years.The crime on the part of the government to ‘look away’ is as bad as the multitude of crimes CAS has perpetrated over the years. PLEASE. stand up and tell your stories, have a voice now that someone is actually listening. Let the truth out! Remember, you are not hurting and crying alone anymore so do what you have always wanted to do…tell the world!

  25. Angela Browne May 29, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    We can’t have people with unmitigated authority with too little training and no accountability making very serious decisions that may impact on the liberty and lives of others without serious and accessible oversight. I belong to a profession where I am governed by a regulatory body, have to follow their code of professional conduct, continuously receive training throughout the year, and have to carry my own errors and omissions insurance. Yet I do not have the power to take your children away from you, or to place serious allegations against you that would stick. I could lose my license if I lie in an affidavit. What people in the public do not realize is these “social workers” or whatever they call themselves do not HAVE to belong to any governing or regulatory body to get and keep their jobs, they do not have to have authoritative training in investigative techniques on an ongoing basis, nor do they have to follow a code of ethics or carry insurance. Without these kinds of accountability mechanisms, including that of the Ombudsman, and their funding formulas set up to encourage more involvement, even when not warranted, is *very* dangerous and this sector of our public service needs to be reigned in.

  26. J. Alia Labbe May 29, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    Now if only they would do the same with FACS (Family And Children’s Services) in Niagara region (especially Welland). My husband was HORRIBLY abused when his crack-whore mother surrendered him to that awful system. Almost ALL his foster parents abused him in every which way you CAN abuse a child (and the majority of them were so-called “Christians” too!)

  27. Shelley May 31, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Not all foster parents are horrible!! I am actually being abused by the system as a foster parent. I fell in love with the little guy in my care. When they applied for crown wardship I immediately drafted a letter to CAS head of adoption for my intent to adopt! His mom shows up about every 3rd visit and they are only 2 hours 1x a week and dad is mia. Mom has 2 other boys 2 other dads all mia. My thanks for wanting to make this little guy mine forever he was yanked out of my home under the smoke screen of putting him in with his infant brother. I have cried all night long my heart is so broken I wonder how he is if he is crying for me as I am for him. And I totally get about the drugging the kids that’s another thing that was said to me oh you don’t have a drug plan and 99% of “our kids” end up medicated! J Alia I am sorry your husband went through this ,but honestly there is some truly awesome foster families as well just not enough cause like me they get abused by the system and then just quit!

  28. The Advocate May 31, 2013 at 11:07 am

    I feel for you Shelley, this is why advocates are fighting for child protection reform. The good foster parents are few and far between, but yes …. they are out there! The CAS are notorious for taking children from loving homes, whether biological parents, or foster parents and placing them in less desirable environments. They do little screening and often tend to rake the good parents through the coals. Sorry to hear that this has happened and hopefully with the proper reform, families such as yours will be able to provide a loving and stable home for a child that desperately needs that in their life.

  29. Terry June 14, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    I was in the Children’s aid 3 times while growing up. It was the most horrific experience in my life. I was raped, beaten and mentally abused beyond belief while in the custody of CAS. This is one evil dangerous organization and I have no respect for anyone that works for them. I have suffered all my life from severe anxiety and depression. In my later teen years and early 20’s I spent time in a federal penitentiary until I was able to straighten my life out that way. The childrens aid ruined my life and if I run in to any one of them, especially social workers of the CAS I will be very vocal telling them what pieces of crap I think they are. One day maybe I’ll be able to be public about my experiences with the CAS and the damage they’ve cause my life. My experiences would probably curl your toes. I was basically taken from a bad family situation and put in a group home of people that really didn’t care about the children and had somewhat of a sadistic side. I would have been better off where I was. I think in most cases the children the CAS takes are better off where they were.

  30. Class Action for civil rights June 25, 2013 at 1:53 am

    I think that the Ombudsman would have to have an executive branch of the Government dedicated to all cities in Ontario to deal with the corrupt Children’s Aid Societies. These latest amalgamations means more money for every child they get involved with. We need a law firm to advertise that they will commence a class action law suit against the Government of Ontario to change their methods and cut their funding then maybe these agencies would focus on the children who are in real need of protective services instead of harassing innocent families. I am sure that many citizens would be flooding emails and letters to the firm brave enough to fight them class action. Why is it not one lawyer has stepped up to the plate yet? Do we the people have to stand self represented? I think so. If there is an organization setting a class action suit up then please post it.

  31. Expose corruption June 25, 2013 at 2:31 am

    Well corruption is very obvious with the Children’s Aid Societies whom profit from children. How would a child protection worker feel if we put a price on their children or even made a few thousand dollars at their expense? The Government makes billions of dollars taken from us tax payers to fund the CAS “game”. Lawyer, Judges, Children Lawyers, psychologist, social workers and the agencies all profit from prolonging a child protection involvement. The child protection laws and timelines are very clear just as the statutes of limitation is not negotiable…and yet court back logs and just plain planned delays make all the players involved profit many thousands of dollars in their pockets. There is money laundering to pay cops, private investigator, doctors, and lawyers to do their dirty work. They can ruin innocent people’s reputation and smear our names on public record. They get away with crimes of perjury, defamation, libel, slander, public mischief, obstruction and misleading of justice. Just come to North Eastern Ontario to find out all about corruption.

    Richard Lambert-Belanger is the Executive Director of the newly amalgamated North Eastern Ontario Family and Children’s Services and do you want to know why? He has two sons who are lawyers. His brother in law Justice Martin Lambert is a Judge who will always rule in their favor. He is the Regional Senior Judge of the North Eastern Region. Conflict of interest? I do think so. But don’t bother appealing any child protection order to the Superior Court because you might just get Justice Robert Riopelle who is the law partner of the lawyer of Children’s Aid…Mr Justin Ellery. Justice Riopelle has a law firm and he employs both of Richard Lambert-Belanger’s sons who work as federal prosecutors for the crown and Justice Lambert’s children. If you want to know all about corrupt legal monopoly then I would invite the media to come and visit the Timmins Courts. We may never win against corruption but I do believe it must be exposed and criminally investigated. Abuse of power, privilege, and authority is plain abuse onto the people. If they see you can’t fight back due to limited income or no lawyer they will simply try to ruin your life because they know they can and nobody will ever stop them. It makes one wonder how these individuals sleep at night knowing that they will one day burn in the hell and suffer all the tribulations and pain that they inflicted upon us. That is how I sleep at night in knowing that one day they will have their very own judgment to face and an eternal sentence. For all the innocent parents and children who’s life has been ruined because of corruption and abuse by our government please be assured in knowing that one day soon it will end. The uprising of the people fighting for this cause will stand strong and we will win. All our suffering will not have been in vain as the karma will always be executed and the favor is promised to be returned by a higher power. When one has and holds a fear for their future and their life for exposing such corruption it is a sign that there is something very wrong with our government and these private corporations given these powers.Please share this information with everyone you know because they may have the all the financial power but we the people have integrity and we have the power of an army in numbers …So lets start counting those voices and take a stand as we march on straight towards them till they all get trampled…

  32. Kim July 25, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    I find it interesting to read the comments some people post and realize how ill informed some of you are. It is correct that awful things happen in foster care. The foster parents are people too-not perfect and unfortunately come across as good people who care for children. It is sad that children are damaged in order for us to find out who the bad ones are. Keep in mind the same goes for parents/caregivers as well. Many children are harmed in their parents care and it is just as awful for them as is it for the children who experience it while living in foster care. I am a CAS worker and I agree there needs to be some accountability. Many of you seem to think though, that we just have free reign to do as we please and are held accountable. When things become court involved we have to answer to a judge. And those judges come down on us all the time about what we do and how we do it. We can’t just walk in and take peoples children and say see you later. A judge gets the final say as to whether or not that child stays in care, not the CAS. And we do not pay judges. Your tax dollars pay those judges. What we do is not a game. It is an extremely hard job to make the decision as to whether or not a child is safe in their home. Some of you mention children dying while in care. More have died while at home, and that’s a fact. I don’t get joy out of removing a child. I cry. It’s terrible but unfortunately sometimes it needs to happen. When a child is being sexually abused by their father, or being tied up daily and beaten by their mother it makes no sense to leave them in that home. That’s a fact. I will fully admit there are children who are removed and shouldn’t be. Yes workers go on power trips, and no I don’t agree with it. But not all are like that. I empathize with those who have had terrible experiences with the CAS. I have firsthand personal experience myself. Its a painful experience. But you spend one day with a worker and see how difficult the job is and you would understand a little more that it isn’t what a lot of people make it out to be. The government tells us how to do our job and what we need to get done and when. Ministry standards are drilled into us and there is no getting around that. I in no way make excuses for the idiot workers who are terrible at their jobs, but keep in mind not all of us are. We are human beings just like the rest of you. Some of us value the family unit and our goal is not to keep children and families apart.

  33. Kim July 25, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    That should have said NOT held accountable..sorry.

  34. Doug Lamb July 26, 2013 at 12:02 am

    My daughter is going through same thing with her children.
    Anybody know a lawyer

  35. Doug Lamb July 26, 2013 at 12:04 am

    Kim, would you like to review my daughter’s case???

  36. CMW July 26, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    Doug, I was told Chris Severn is a good lawyer who goes by the book & says it like it is, & does take legal aid clients too.

  37. The Advocate August 9, 2013 at 10:53 pm

    More children die in parental care, sad to say this but that is entirely not true and you can just look at the Pediatric Review of Deaths in Ontario and find that information right there in black and white. Also the number of children in care needlessly drugged because the CAS gets paid more money once a child becomes medicated. Strange how some CAS workers will still try and sell the same old tired and disturbing stories that can so easily be proven false.

  38. Brian August 31, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    will the Ombud. be able to look into past complaints and lay charges – get the police involved in this ring of abuse paid for by tax dollars run by crooked and despicable people.

  39. emilie September 3, 2013 at 11:03 am

    C.a.s was only granted a four month order. The only thing that they had was having my first child at a young agre. Almost four years later they are still trying to stay involved. I pulled out from their service as I am only voluntary. They are now trying to find any little thing to keep involved with me and my family. Ive had four different workers who have told me my file is going to be closed. I would bring that up and they would tell me they didnt find anything in my file stating that it was closing. Its amazing how childrens aid can lie and make their client look bad. When I pulled out they basically threatened me….” you pull out when your involved with dr.grise things will go bad”. Long story short c.a.s has too much power and are corupt. They leave the needy to suffer and try to take the good kids knowing they will be adopted out. Childrens aid terrorizes families and gets away with it.

  40. Sarah September 29, 2013 at 3:58 am

    I found it interesting to read “Kim’s” comments, and realized how delusional She is. Straight off, she admits “awful things happen in foster care.” She forgot to say that parents are people too-not perfect, while oddly remembering to defend all foster parents. And Kim – children who are abused in care are not “damaged” as there is absolutely nothing wrong with those children – they were subjected to abuses in the care of the Children’s Aid Societies. Keep in mind, some are abused out of care too. Next you admit that you Are a CAS Worker. How pleasant for you, you must be proud. Since you agree to accountability, what have you done to advocate for accountability in your office? What office are you in? You want the public to believe that workers do Not have free reign to do what you please? Lol you are talking to the wrong world Kim, maybe your make believe world will believe you. You say when court is involved, you have to answer to a judge – don’t you mean your overpaid, unethical, and blood-thirsty lawyers have to play poker with the judge? Maybe a little song n dance. Yeah, judges are so hard on CAS’s, you must need counseling for all your trauma by the mean judge. You can’t “just walk in and take peoples children and say see you later”?? B.s. It’s called emergency apprehensions or illegally abduct then return to extort the parent(s) into signing temporary care agreements. You probably did that 3 times this morning. CAS does have the final say but also the ONLY say in many, many cases Kim, you know that. Do you not realize that there are findings about judges receiving payment for CAS cases. What about the people that don’t pay city taxes as they are not ordinary citizens of Ontario/Canada – they are not paying you to take their children before a judge but you do it anyways. What you do Is a game. It is easy for workers to make snap decisions about the safety of children within their families with little to no investigation. It is an extremely easy job to be a CAS worker. It is extremely hard to keep your kids when you don’t know your rights or workers legal boundaries. More children die in the care of CAS than at home with their natural parents and that’s a fact. I believe you get joy out of removing a child – the fact you say you don’t must mean you don’t take kids that need to be removed, if they needed to be removed for real protection, you would find joy in feeling like you saved the child, or maybe you did but you know you are placing him with unsafe foster parent(s) – no joy. If you really cried due to your work requirements – you’d quit and do something good. Oh I’d say sometimes kids need to be removed; I’m just not buying your attempt at compassion, more like attempted trickery. When a child is being molested by their father – why do you place the child with him? When a child is beaten by their mother or foster mother, why do you leave them there? It is a fact that CAS Workers do those detrimental things that harm children. Since you “fully admit there are children who are removed and shouldn’t be” – what have you done to prevent those children from being removed, when you knew it was wrong, illegal, and unethical? And did you lay your income on the line to ensure that every one of those children were rightfully returned? Do you report and follow up on those workers that go on power trips to ensure that they are fired and penalized, in order to advocate for public safety? If not all workers “go on power trips”, what are the other workers doing to ensure an ethical agency? People who had terrible experiences with the CAS don’t care that you say you empathize with them. What is your “firsthand personal experience” with them? I spend days with CAS workers and it is easier than the public would expect. Exactly what the public thinks about them. Everything is true. Two faces all the way to two hundred faces. The government doesn’t tell you nothing, you don’t listen to no one, you don’t abide by Canada’s laws, and you don’t think you will ever face the music. Standards drilled into you are how to make a person obey you by stepping outside of the legal system. I ain’t gunna take it easy on you. You know where you work and what you do to people. You say “We are human beings like the rest of you”, well, no. Acutally you are not. You, and the others you speak for, are not like any person who is not profiting from children. And you never will be. I believe Some of you value the family unit – your own family unit. And finally, your goal Is to keep children and families apart. Eternity is kinda long ya know?

  41. www.StopCas.Ca October 6, 2013 at 1:09 am

    An Ombudsman is not going to make much a dent in the problem. The problem with abuse of power will require the disbandment of every CAS office and replace it with a Government department of child protection with a dramatic change in legislation.

    There needs to be a complete change of Government and Judicial attitude towards this criminal cartel of child abusers.

    Across Ontario, Child Protection Workers, psychiatrists, lawyers fabricate evidence habitually.

    Ottawa is one of the worst with a collection of some of worst criminals imaginable.
    Ottawa is not alone.

    What makes the problem so bad is that CAS have direct lines to Judges, who get adopt on the fast track etc.


  42. Devil's advocate October 12, 2013 at 1:39 am

    While yes I think CAS needs to have someone to answer to in some cases for taking children when they aren’t needes to be removed, there is also the fact that sometimes they don’t remove a child when its needed and so the neglectful parent thinks they are untouchable!! Its disgusting!! Some of your comments are because you are angry about certain situations. I’m sorry but I know one of the cases that someone is commenting about and complaining and quite honestly, there is SO much more to the story other than “they took my kids when they shouldn’t have”. I hope the Ombudsman does help return the children who should be at home but quite honestly, I also hope he keeps the kida who need to be out of those homes PERMANENTLY out and even remove the ones who are being abused and neglected so that those people who think they are untouchable because of who they are related to can get a dose of reality and maybe learn finally that abusing and neglecting children is NOT ok!

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  44. Nicole October 14, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    I am in full support of oversight, it is definitely about time. I worked for 8 years in a privately funded group home, 90% of the children were CAS kids. I watched as kids as young as 10-12 were diagnosed with things that are not typically diagnosed until at least 18 years old. I would say almost all the children were medicated with psychotropic, some kids with enough drugs that could knock an adult out. It was very sad to see, and the “doctor” we were to bring the children to was a complete pill pusher regardless what us as staff or the children in the home had to say.

    I do believe most of the youth in the care of these homes needed to be in care. A lot came from horrible homes, but, there was always those few children you knew had no reason to be in your care. It really was very sad to see. And I definetly met a number of corrupt, rude, uncaring CAS workers, as well as very positive supporting and helpful ones.

  45. Stephanie Sicard October 14, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    It’s been a very long time since I had any rights with what happens to my children. My story is a little different, I believe their reasoning behind taking my baby at birth 14yrs ago…. I had a breakdown at that time while I was pregnant and drank a lot… So ya they had every right… But when I got better I should have gotten my children back… But no it wasn’t good enough for anybody that I was in college, working two jobs, and had a great place to live with tons of food…. When I got to court they ended siding with my mother and we don’t have a good relationship… now my children and I don’t really have a relationship, we never got the bonding period at all…. Now I did however win a little bit of custody, but not that it really makes sense.. I have joint custody with my mother, but she wouldn’t let me take them down the street…. My children have been with them so long have now they have become confused, they call them Mom and Dad and have for years,, I was not to question it. I hope the laws get better and that people don’t have the right to tear up a family unity…. It’s not morally correct…

  46. melissa November 29, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    I am also dealing with cfas in cambridge ont and I have never been more disgusted with the unfair treatment I’m receiving, I was held against my will by my ex bf and me and my daughter were attacked by him, he apparently has a history of doing this to other woman and they are saying they don’t know who hurt my daughter and can’t rule me out, I reached out for help immediately and somehow is being blamed for something I had no control over. I have lost my job,my home and I’m now in a shelter with my daughter,I was offered housing and got a house and cas worker went over my head and got my house turned down and now my status is now pending, my daughter and I had a great oppourtunity of having a nice house in a nice area and close to a school.they apparently would rather see my daughter in a shelter for christmas. I have always worked,don’t do drugs,drink occasionaly and my daughter is my life, the reason of my exsistance and these people think they can just come and destroy our lives rather than help us. My daughter has had 3 health issues since birth and has had to go for surgury,I have always made sure her medical needs were met and she has never missed an appointment, they put on the court documants I failed to pretect her yet as soon as I got out of the house I took immediate action, they are definately corrupt and could care less about children,they were trying to leave my daughter with her father which used to abuse me and I left my home city and job of over 10 years to get away from him!! A woman and child were held against their will and seeked immediate help and rather than help us they are destroying our lives, they served me court papers for a 6 month supervision order saying I have to live in a supervised enviroment so my interactions with my daughter can be seen, pretty sad they accusing me of harming my daughter who if anything is beyond spoiled, I have always worked to provide for her and I have no history of ever hurting her, this all happened in the course of one night so who the hell do they think they are to do this to us, and what a terrible message they are sending out to abused woman and children! No wonder why woman stay in abused relationships for so long as look at the results when you seek help!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Sandi Pin December 11, 2013 at 11:03 am

    They took my 3 children accused me of neglet abuse & I find out my kids were badly abused in there, then all 3 kicked out one at a time at the age of 15. One was rapped by the foster family babysitter & called her the wild child and drugged her with riddlen. I found her wanderimg on the streets and she cryed asking to come home but I would get charged and she had no where to go, so I threatend them. Then they had the nerve to try to take my other 2 & I took them to court and they threw it out but they still considerers me an abuser and says my oldest should be with her father whos a better provider and good home and not me and I just took him to court for Rapping his 10 yr old daughter, and they took my ( my 2nd oldest daughter ) grandchild for no reason and now i’m trying to get in court but they won’t allow it . They need a wake up call and stop taking kids.. the grandparent clause is a joke, they get to work around it and still deny us no matter how hard we work to protect out kids.. These kids need help and somebody do something about it cause they sell and pimp our kids out to peophiles who will pay out money to buy them and they approve of them and not family. I wonder How many people out there know they sell our children to the higest bidders and then calls us monsters?!?! Concered mother/ grandmother.

  48. Melissa Delorme December 18, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    Im a mother my son lives with his father and his father has be abusing him emotionally and physical. I just got off the phone with CAS because we took my son to the doctors cause he was showing up with random brushing so once again they sent the file to CAS and once again they are doing NOTHING to protect my son. My son has came out and told me that daddy hits me. And they don’t do anything because there are no marks when they show up to do a home visit. How do I get CAS to do there job and keep my son safe. Is that what they are there for. Someone please help.

  49. Linda G February 4, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    Class action suit, our family is in for that and we have been fighting and waiting for that for many years. This is well overdue. Our family has been terrorized, threatened and put through hell. CAS is very corrupt and it reaches far and wide. The general public has no idea that their hard earned money goes to agencies that supposedly protect children but in reality those agencies ruin families, abuse women and worst of all abduct children from great homes to place them with parents or foster care that drug them, physically, mentally and sexually abuse them. How evil and sick is that?

    Their power is way above the law and the government. The legal system and the government stand by and do absolutely nothing to save these children from horrific abuse. They all cover for each other and the damage is unrepairable. There are more children that die while under the control of CAS by far than the brave women and men that die serving their country.

    How can you close your eyes to all of this torture and evil abuse on children and the people that love them? Some of these social workers lie, manipulate the legal system, perjure themselves in court, falsify court documents. Without warning kidnap children from their save place, their great lives and threaten the family that if they fight them that you will never see the child/children again. Believe me, they mean it and they love the control and agony they cause families.

    There are many people that have employment because of all of the torture that these families and children go through. Shame on anyone that can do something to help but chose to keep quiet. We will be ready for a class action suit. Thank God for all good, moral and ethical people that fight to protect children from abuse.
    Thank you Catherine Frei and the Cambridge Citizen for this article, great job.

  50. Royce Hamer February 12, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    Is there a Canadian Umbrella group that represents parents and children that have been subject to this barbarism. If so please supply me with a list for further action. CACL Canadian Anti Corruption League is appalled at this CAS injustice and declare that it must come to an end. Please also go to our facebook page and make a comment and give a like if you can.. Blessings Royce Hamer Leader CACL

  51. Amber(not posting my real name) February 16, 2014 at 10:19 am

    I was a crown ward when i was just four years old. When i turned 20 i found out i was pregnant with my first child (boy) who CAS took into their custody shortly after he was born. They never even gave me a chance to parent based on what my past looked like. i was sexually emotionally and physically abused by my step father (who my stupid mother is still with to this day). I dont know exactly what went on but they basically told the judge they fear i will repeat my past…i dont know what they were thinking exactly and they set me up with a lawyer…big mistake on my part using that guy. He would take every opportunity to cooperate with those pricks. He didnt get me any closer to my child and he certainly didnt do his job. I am now 24 years old and I am pregnant with my second child, the father and i are getting married in April and he has never been happier since we found out the news. We are scared that since CAS took my first they will come after ours…does anyone know what i should/could do to prevent that from happening? …please i need legal advice and i cant ask any lawyer in my town for fear of CAS finding out.

  52. Rhonda Nordlander February 20, 2014 at 6:52 am

    The Dufferin Children’s Aid Society DCAFS can be added to this list. Since day one I’ve written complaints to their Managers and Executive Director about not receiving child protection services and counselling for my 2 young children. Each complaint of mine was responded to by the Director with excuses why she cannot answer my complaints. Recently the CAS lawyer has been responding to my complaint letters and she’s used sections of the Child and Family Services Act to reject my complaints saying either “the matter is before the courts” and further stating the privacy laws protect the identity of children so that my complaints to the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers OCSWSSW also cannot be heard. The agency is untouchable, and if the Police Services had this much protection from having complaints heard I’m sure Ontario family’s would not accept this! Politicians I’ve written letters to and the petition of 563 family’s who signed it wanting Monique Taylors Bill to be passed into law are ignored by leaders of the PC and Liberal parties. What is the CAS’s motive to not hear complaints? Its all about the money and generous salary’s the workers and Managers receive. According to the Sunshine List 2013 which discloses the salaries of CAS Managers the Society is over run with Managers making salaries over $100,000.00. See the “Gravy Train” below and how many Directors are employed by various CAS’s making over and above $100,000.00 per year:

    CAS of Highland Shores employs 19 Directors; CAS of Grey Bruce = 12 Directors; CAS of Windsor Essex = 10 Directors; CAS of Niagra =12 Directors; CAS of Ottawa = 18 Directors; CAS of London Middlesex = 22 Directors; CAS of Hamilton = 12 Directors; CAS of Durham = 26 Directors; CAS of Brant = 10 Directors; CAS of York Region = 12 Directors; Catholic CAS of Toronto = 37 Directors; CAS of Toront = 102 Directors.

    Its no wonder there is no money left for services.

  53. brian February 22, 2014 at 9:38 am

    my child was takin away from me because someone said i threatened her,at the time i was acused of this my doughter was at the hospital i was at the hospital every day i was so happy to pick her up from the hospital to get her out of there and c.a.s said i couldnt go near my child.i have a 16 year old son who cant belive what c.a.s is doing to me cause im such a wounderfull dad and mom put together, i was crushed so was my my doughter was placed with her mom and grandparents.there was no proof of any threats they never even investigated and never bothered to lisghten to me or my family.i come from a portugesse family who is very strict ,they never done any drugs,they dont have a criminal recorde and never been involved with c.a.s they didnt know who they even were,they denied approval so they can see there grandchild for 4 months when my babys moththers,mom had a big rap shit,she was addicted to crack and had abuse reports,c.a.s gave her st stuned i am very sadened on the abusive power c.a.s has.c.a.s later had recived records on my parents and it had that police said they were clean except for my mom kicked my ex exgf out of there house cause she was trouble so they said it was nothing and still i have no approval for my childmy parents are clean ,i am clean.still nothing,i missed so much of my childs life.,so i found out later that my childs mom sent my baby to a babysitters house that was not approved by police and c.a.s,i was heartbroken cause the sitters have a recorde of some sort c.a.s wouldnt what happened .c.a.s done nothing about it.if i did that jail time for child should not be in harms way thats why there is a c.a.s but they are putin g her in harms way to get a rise off me.they want to make me mad,but i wont,so c.a.s worker gave information of my parents records without concent WERE ARE MY RIGHTS,C.A.S NEEDS TO STOP HARMING CHILDREN…….R.I.P JEFFREY BALDWIN.PLEASE WATCHOVER MY BABY…i want rally if anyone has any information of such rallys please e mail me.and if there is any good lawyers please i need number for them thank you

  54. Lorraine Hards March 24, 2014 at 1:28 am

    I have a son with special needs and in fact developmentally challenged and autistic. CAS (Durham Region) came to my apartment with a police officer and demanded to be let in my apartment and took my son in 1998 and they kept him for about nearly 8 years. My son was abused in 2 separate CAS residences. How I found this out, is that someone from inside contacted me about these abuses and did not leave me a name.

    I am aware that there is a Class Action Lawsuit against the Province and CAS.

    How can one take part in this and speak on behalf of the child, as my son cannot speak for himself!

  55. Jackie April 11, 2014 at 10:17 am

    The London CAS needs to be investigated they are doing nothing to renite my son home with his parents, even with thier own psychiatrist staing he needs to start visits at his home, they go into to court and lie to the judge and bully us they will stop at nothing to get an order in their favour, it is WRONG.

  56. Mike S May 20, 2014 at 6:39 am

    Ontario courts have known for decades how CASs abuse ‘Qualified Privilege’ in worker sworn affidavits and CAS lawyer abuse of ‘Absolute Privilege’ to mislead courts to obtain Crown Ward orders by Fraud and never made a decision to stop it. The Ontario government, MCYS Ministry have refused to allow full investigation of by the Ombudsman’s Office since 1975! Every Crown Ward order by Fraud is a financial Fraud of $1 million per child harvested. The Ministry and the courts are also aware how CASs cultivate Doctors with assessment deficits to deny the needs of children and parents required in Ont. Reg 25/07. After all, we sent them the Case Law for tainted CAS doctors! Learn more at Canadacourtwatch.ORG

  57. cynthia May 23, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    I have similar storey to share and have been looking for help for a while on ghis matter
    My has called childrens aid and police several times a month and they haul us in on fsulse accusations with childrens aid present later on after the police and childrens aid completed there investagation the childrens aid worker later that week came to my home

    CHILDRENS aid worker stated that the allegations werent verified and that my ex was commiting parental allienation and emotional abuse and that he contined to talk himself in circles before she left my home she said there were alot of red flags concerning my ex she told me she woumd investagator and get back to me right away
    2 weeks later I hear back from this childrens aid worker and she tells me they are closing the file altogether I said what there isnt any concern of my ex committing parental allienation and emotional abuse I said to her that’s what you told me right ? She replied well that’s what it is parental allienation and emotional abuse but there isnt anything we can do because its a custody dispute she stated I replied really custody has been dealt with in court already and only thing left to deal with is Chad support she said sorry I cant do anything but get your children therapy

    She then told me that there were alot of red flags concerning my ex residence that she would later get back to

  58. cynthia May 23, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    I would really appreciate if anyone could help with some advise on what to do

    Thank you

  59. Mel C May 25, 2014 at 11:05 am

    I think it is sad that there is no help for parents who are having false allegations against them… I have had CAS randomly show up at my door twice stating that someone mad a complaint that I am smoking drugs in my home around my son!! I was outraged I am not a drug user unfortunately I live on a street with a bad name… I have willing allowed them in to my home and answered their questions everything they have asked of me! they never opened a case against me but still when will they stop invading in my life how many times do I need to prove that I am doing nothing wrong and being falsely reported!! its not fair there are children that need the help but are not getting it!!! I wish there was something I could do to stop being harassed!!!

  60. broken July 7, 2014 at 4:43 am

    ps..I was under wardship until 18 but I ran away from that province at 15yrs..when I hit Ontario I went to c,a,s for help..they said live on the street or go home..i was 16yrs and told them I was a ward..they didn’t help me even to get home..i remained on the streets of not listen to them and fight them for your children please..i know many others I grew up with that agree 100% we were all better off with oure family

  61. lisa July 16, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    I strongly agree with these statements. My family is currently being victimized by pcas they took my five children ages ranging from two weeks to fourteen yrs the didnt give us any rock solid reason as to why other than school attendance for the two older ones, some brusing on my two yr old which has cp and a gew missed dr’s app we are currently fighting to bring them of now they say they made a mistake apprehending my children and have not been able to give a concrete reason why they took themi my family is tramatized by this. Things need to change with these agencies they are destroying good families that have done nothing wrong. As a victim of pcas i am trying to get as many parents as possible to wtite letters to the government as well as petitions for a change these people need to be held accountable for what they are doing not that they investigate internally and everything gets pushed under the carpet. We have been fighting since may to get our children home and answers the only thing we keep getting is we cant worry about why they took them we need to worry about how we are going to get them home. I really dont understand how the system can do this and get away with it. I just wish there was more i could do

  62. lisa July 16, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    P.s me and my husband were aslo accused of being drug addicts as well we both did drug testing which came back negative they even took a sample of our new borns stool for drug testing his came back negative as well

  63. lisa July 16, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    I live in brampton ont and wish someone could help us. I would also like to find out how i can take part inthe class action lawsuit against the province and childrens aid. Our gile was suppose to be closed last march now i know that peel cas kept my file open for the money

  64. lisa July 16, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    I am now asking for as many people as possible to come to my court appearance with pcas it is at the brampton court house on aug 27 2014 at 10 please help me stand against childrens aid once and for all as parents family friends and community members we must take a stand to protect our children and keep our families together please stand with me and my family.

  65. Aro Bow July 29, 2014 at 1:05 am

    CAS should be abolished. I would vote and support and fund any politician who put something like this into effect. When they are needed, they don’t care. When they aren’t needed they like to play God. There’s an internal letter from the Peel CAS stating they wanted to keep families on their caseloads longer so they could get extra money.

    Due to the privacy nonsense, there is no oversight committee. Yes, you an appeal…but unless you’ve got a lot of money to throw towards that you are not going to be able to appeal a thing.

    I would rather see children abused by their parents than abused by some strange organization. I’d rather not see any abuse at all, but I don’t see how institutional abuse is somehow better than a parent that gives out a spanking. If Children’s Aid had the best interest of children in mind, they would teach the parents how to parent if there was a major concern. They could intervene. They could provide assistance and services and a lot of other help…but taking away your children like the Gestapo…no thanks. Canadians would be better off without that.

    Down with the CAS. I’m not sure what corrupt officials created this evil beast but I can’t imagine they had the Child’s best interest in mind.

  66. Diana August 1, 2014 at 1:26 am

    It is quintessential for Ontario residents to educate themselves thoroughly about what the children’s aid society is, how it operates and the damage it is causing. The most fundamental feature that is needed to be understood is that cas is private-sector company/industry with the ability to earn profit. Its product can be argued to be either the apprehension of children or the opening of files – intervening in children’s lives. The reason that the Ontario government is having the difficulty it has to regulate their conduct is due to the privacy legislations that cas can use as a corporate shield to maintain a privacy on its inner-systems and money allocations. I have a nightmare story I have been living for nearly 3 years with the apprehension of my baby daughter. The cas took my daughter with its arguments at summary judgment being that I used nursing and breastfeeding too much as a method of soothing my child rather than considering other methods. The society lost the motion but I am still battling. The society has violated four distinct sections of Ontario legislation. It has produced false and fabricated information. I shall tell my story once I rescue my daughter. cas is the most frightening entity I have personally encountered in my life.

  67. Diana August 1, 2014 at 1:40 am

    I support you and am very sorry to hear that cas has infected your life and family. I do not sufficient details about your situation to be able to offer any direction. Foremost, you need a lawyer. If you cannot afford one, please contact legal aid. In the alternative, contact duty counsel at the court to help you. Start reading the sections in the current Child Welfare Acts such as the Ontario Child and Family Services Act. Start compiling a list of actions taken or decisions made by the cas which you perceive as violations to the sections in the Act. As per my previous comment, cas is a different entity than the Ministry of Child and Youth Services. cas is NOT a government organization. The provincial government and the cas are positioned very differently. The provincial government is designed to support you in this situation. Contact this Ministry and ask to speak to someone. You can file a complaint against cas with the Custody Review Board. Do as much reading as you can to differentiate between the provincial government and the cas. Take a close look at what the particular accusations are that cas is making against you. Start putting together an argument of how these accusations, should there be any truth to them, have no bearing on your parenting abilities. If there is no truth or substance to the accusations, seek ways to prove against what is claimed. Seek out an assessment on your own. When you attend the hearing in August, consider asking for an adjournment, a three month time span, during which you will be participating in a fresh assessment by an expert you trust. Ask the court for more access time. The best advice I can give is to read, read, read. Discover your rights and the obligations of the cas to do everything possible to return a child to his/her natural parents. Argue how or where cas has failed to honour this. Lastly, create and draft a plan of care (see form on website) for the judge which provides that your child returns to your home but that you put together a support system that provides the judge with comfort and security to allow the plan. Stay strong, focused. Do not fall into fear. Keep hopeful.

  68. krista September 5, 2014 at 11:43 am

    I would love a SOMEONE to come talk to me about CAS I have seen so much. My son is being traumatized by cas its ridiculous and my hands arw tied I hope they lose the rights they have because the main worker is who makes the choice regradless of what the “home worker says” im being completely destroyed but I wont stop ill speak my a very loving caring mother who loves her boy and whats worse is seeing your son being hurt more in a foster home then sinces hes been born. Anyone know who I can talk too? Besides my lawyer ?

  69. lisa September 30, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    Diana thank you for your support as of today i have gotten my two older children home with me and their dad but we are still fighting for our three younger boys age two one and four months old. All their so called concerns were bs first they were concerned with supposed aggression from my husband. Then we did a program called tap now they have switched it to me and that they have major concerns regarding me. I am so angry i want to go to the news to expose these ppl they destroy families everyday for what government funding. There were never problems with my family except some behavioral problems with our oldest son. I want ti rally against cas because enough is enough they try to find every excuss to take and keep children. Please we need help

  70. lisa October 1, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    Hi everyone i am going to be writing and sending a petition to the provincial government to try to have the system changed or at least something done. Enough is enough these agencies destroy to many good families, im not saying they dont help kids in need because sometimes they do but 90% of the time its good families they destroy and ive had enough and sometimes it only takes one determined voice for changes to happen if you want to be a part of my crusade against childrens aid societies please let me know my family has been tramatized by these ppl everytime i see my babies they are full of brusies and cuts we get nothing but excusses from cas or that the caregivers are experienced. They need to realize that 99.9% of the time no one can raise or live these kids better than their parents. Please stand with us to stand upfor our children and give them and our families a voice because as a society if we dont no one will

  71. Jenny October 20, 2014 at 10:01 am

    London CAS was declared “acting in bad faith” “refusing disclosure” , falsifying documents and affidavits and refusing file audits and supplying misinformation see #BarbaraKay of #NationalPost 1.4 million dollar CAS case article,however, Premier of Ontario that appointed #TeresaPiruzza Minister of #MYCS did no investigation or implementation of the RSO 190 regarding these true claims against CAS. Harmoody Hassan was the lawyer that exposed and delivered LONDON CAS corruption but #MINISTERPETERMACKAY the Justice minister does nothing either.
    With all the corruption in this town and bill42 being ditched at elections and the stranglehold on Bill8 it’s apparent Minister #TRACEYMACCHARLES is not interested in accountability nor accreditation of this organization, and the destruction they do to families like mine.
    One social worker whom was previously suspended from the. #collegeofSocialWorkers of #Ontario kept omitting health records. Falsifying records and refusing my child’s report of abuse on two occasions that was physical and two that were verbal abuse.
    The child protection worker that followed omitted three reports from my child that he was verbally abused, threatened and intimidated.
    The Judge was never given any if this information and the mud Justice continues as they refuse you to have a hearing by adjourning and being unavailable even though Ontario law says you are to get your hearing in 30 days.
    CAS London has been corrupt since 2008 and no means of changing this is taking place at the government level who established they can govern themselves.
    Strattford CAS was shut down in 2011, why is nobody doing anything about these do called “child protection agencies”? Reason is they get. “Job protection”, and have no vested interest in the well being of children.
    The older more experienced workers doing it for 15-20 years have looked at my case and are in disbelief how London CAS is getting away with fraudulent claims and going after families that are not abusing kids, but instead allow the abuser to have. “Interim custody” of children to reinforce their power and control. Child protection is to protect kids from abuse; not to bully parents. Alienate families and get funding from our tax dollars while they encourage expensive length trials us tax payers are paying for with no oversight .
    Call #MCYS MINISTER, Justice Minister of Canada and the premiers office in addition to writing and logging all documentation sent and received.
    In the end the truth may surface, but the journey there is biased, Discriminatory And child abuse to the kids taken from their homes that the society takes action against for no valid reason.
    If children’s aid was made to press charges against every person they label a ” potential ” abuser then they would have to take this to criminal court which is the only court in Ontario that actually honours your legal and human rights.
    Kathleen Wynne won’t even address this as she says it’s not her department, but the funding comes trickling down from her office.
    The abuse if power and lack if accountability with no oversight from the Ombudsman nor Provincial Advocate just shows that CAS London, DCAF, CFS all love the fact that our government is asleep at the wheel until they finally pass #Bill8 to allow oversight, accountability and insist on integrity and sticking to the law.
    Right now those with authority are asleep at the wheel, and it would be great if Tracey MacCharles would wake up and take notice.
    London Ontario

  72. Lisa October 23, 2014 at 8:50 am

    I was seriously saddened yesterday when i found out that we have to postpone our tcc motion yet again to follow thru with yet more recommendations from pcas we have done everything they asked but then they came up with more concerns regarding why our three babies can not come home. I am seriously disgusted by this because its all about the money. Then last night im watching the news to hear that the ombusman is looking into the loopholes of unlicensed private daycares but he or no body else seems to care that cas is destroying families instead of helping to strenghten them. My three babies have been in care since may 26 2014 i wish this would come to an end. I need/ want my children home with their family we are good parents that have done nothing to deserve what they are doing to us.

  73. Leah December 14, 2014 at 9:12 am

    I just read the news article and it couldn’t have been written any better.. My experience with CAS happened when My youngest daughters best friend had yet again run away from Her mother..(drug use..neglect and abuse). I agreed to let Her stay the night and bandage Her up..She refused the police..and in the morning I was going to contact Her CAS worker…well one night turned into 2.5 weeks before Her case worker even called Me back..I’ve been aware CAS is an unregulated agency and had no intention of ever dialing their number..but given there was an open case on Her and Her mom I thought they were the ppl to call.. I called everyday several times a day even speaking to the workers manager several times..finally 2.5 weeks later she calls Me back I explained what happened ..provided my address thinking She would come and then have care set up etc etc.. well the case worker wasn’t able to come til the following week..I stated I’m a single working mom I’ve had to buy her clothes&I’ve been feeding Her..all expenses I didn’t expect but could barely afford stated another week is ridiculous when I’ve spent 2.5 trying to get her to contact Me back I probably left 50 messages..She didn’t seem to care abt this young lady ..She told Me I could make Her go home..But I couldn’t ..just couldn’t.. and I wasn’t gonna tell her she couldn’t stay and she’d be left to find somewhere else ..I’d known Her since Her&my daughter were in kindergarden together..this has happened several times..She was bleeding yet AGAIN when she arrived on My doorstep yet again. CAS (I want to name her so badly)said that’s the earliest She could come.I wasn’t impressed but she didn’t care. I passed the phone so She could speak privately with Her worker. A week later cas arrives to speak to Our young house guest. Cas then asked for My basic information which I gladly provided anything to help..I’ve never myself been involved with CAS and my youngest was 14 oldest 20..Cas smiled at Me but I didn’t like Her..Her smile was fake..She spoke to the two girls how long they’ve been friends etc etc and then was leaving ..I stopped her asking what is going on..I mean its her job to figure this out right?! She pretty much told me she’s fine here and will come back in a couple weeks..and left..umm I didn’t sign up for another Dependant.. but was not going to tell 13-14 yr old she couldn’t stay and put her on the street.. so next visit cas asks me If I’d be interested in kindship of her..saying Her mother who is met many times throughout the years is in agreement. I said I’d need to talk to the kids about this and I’d like to speak to Her mom as well..cuz sometimes it takes a community to raise a child. I got a police check done for CAS showing no criminal record etc. She said OK said she’d be back in 2weeks. Well My kids thought it was a great idea..even the older ones adored I got a hold of her mom and She told Me she had been instructed by cas to not speak to Me at all..I asked Her why She stated She was told to not have contact with Me at all.I said but Ur daughter is here in my home I think its extremely important we speak and do it regularly.. She said she was sorry and hung up..I was baffled. When cas came I questioned her abt it. she denied it. That was the first lie..the first of many.. in the weeks to come the kindship process begun.. and in my opinion ended the first day of questioning.. once she asked if I had any medical conditions that require medication ..I stated I have bi polar listed my medications told her I was diagnosed as a teen (genetics thanx mom lol) let her know I have a great medical relationship with my doctor..etc etc … she said OK that’s where we will end today she was going to speak to the girls.. she did she daughter told me she kept asking where her father lived and when or how often she visited how would she get there..she said I either drive her or She will take the bus cuz she only has to take one bus switching busses. A couple days later I get a call from cas stating an intake worker needs to come out speak to me and my girls as they were made aware of some concerns that the cas worker at my place a couple days before reported…I was like wth ..OK.. she said she’d be out tmw..she came told me the allegations (concerns) (outright boldfaced lies is what it was) was my daughter takes the bus and hangs out downtown everyday..not true my daughter(s) protested.. I have a hot temper and scream calling my kids nasty cus word names.. my oldest daughter told the woman she was 20 years old and she won’t stand idly by listening to lies abt her mom. I couldn’t believe this was happening ..I’d never had cas called on me not ever and now its a cas worker making up the lies..did she think my kids wouldn’t defend me.. even my daughters b,f was defending me stating all the kids love Me..(I love them too) my home maybe loud at times but that’s happiness ..its silent when not.. the intake worker said this file will be closed she seemed unimpressed that this report on me came from a co worker… a week later her mom shows up at my house she had court documents in hand from CAS she came to show Me that according to those papers Her daughter is living with a known sex offender and that She is OK with it… I was in complete and utter shock clearly stated My address .. I called her manager and was told there must be a mistake .. I said U personally have to sign off on all Her paperwork. I felt she should be held accountable as well.. she asked how the kindship process was going ..I informed her car worker stopped it as soon as it begun…informed her of the report cas made to cas all of it complete lies could her manager not know what the case worker was doing ..its supposedly Her job… a week later another cas dropped by unaanounced ..this time the allegations were drinking and getting minors intoxicated.. I’ve never experienced anything… (she ended up being placed in a group home) 2 years later I took in my best friends son who is like My own and He had cas involved.. id met his worker several times throughout the years and When his worker came over for the first time in my home she told Me..she didn’t know how to go about visitation etc if I’m not on board as well ..I told her I didn’t know what she ment ..she told me straight up that it is written in the file they have on Me that Im harsh and abrasive and non compliant …I was in complete shock. so I then contacted cas requesting a copy of this file they have on me..I eventually spoke to the director requesting a copy of the file they have on ME .. I was told I would need a court order?!?!?! There are bold faced provable lies about Me documented as truth in that file and I can not get a copy without a court order..that is shady business if U ask Me..and I can’t afford a lawyer to get a court order to get a copy OF MY FILE just so I can see for Myself what it says!

  74. Christina McCulloch January 23, 2015 at 12:25 am

    I want to know who they have to answer to because I feel like I’m being bullied by the cas. What other choice do I have but to allow people I don’t want in my home in to interrogate my kids or risk losing them all together when I know we have done nothing wrong

  75. Tori V January 27, 2015 at 9:43 am

    Those CFS workers need to be looked into for sure, i know this is old but I’m gonna go read and see how this went. That’s awesome to read.
    I was investigated by CFS. It was brutal. Kidnappings, unauthorized blood and hair testing, interrogations, mental abuse and the abuse of power – AND WE BEAT THEM IN COURT BECAUSE THEY DID EVERYTHING WRONG AND WERE PROVEN WRONG. Stupid f***s wasted the last 6 years of my life for f**king nothing. NOTHING. They should be PROTECTING children. Not placing children in the hands of bats**t-crazy-mentally-unstable-f****d-up-kidnappers! Yeah. The person they placed my first son with for a whole g**damn year turned out to be all of those f**king things. Needless to say I have both my kids in mine and my husbands care. God this topic infuriates me.

  76. Mike van dyke February 3, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    my own family is a victim of the abuse of the CAS and it is still going on!!!

  77. Lindsey March 4, 2015 at 3:21 pm

    The cas is allowing my abuser to have 3 of my very young children in his care and I had already laid charges against him for sexual assault /assault /attempting to choke…which he is being sentanced on april 9 2015 the worker said she has no concerns or child protection concerns against me but has concerns of allegations against me that the worker knows is not true! Tanya decline who works for durham children’s aid society is putting my children at risk of abuse my children are 4 3 and 2 years old I need help with protecting my children from my abuser with the Durahm children’s aid society are not doing there job protecting my children I feel that it should go to the MP. ..What is the point in a children’s aid society if there not protecting children and all they want is a cheaqe! The cas worker Tanya decline got a fax from Durahm regional police about the offence allan Masterson committed and I have numerous times attempted and advised the cas of how violent he is please message me if you can help please!!!

  78. Attila Gulyas March 8, 2015 at 3:25 am

    If you want to witness a corrupt and deviant organization, just feast your eyes on the Muskoka CAS. My wife kidnapped my two young children on Sept 28 2010. After a long 3 year court battle I was granted joint custody and equal access. My ex ignored the court order and continued to deny me access. She invoked the help of the Muskoka CAS who she had relied on to fight on her behalf for 3 years. While I was out of province looking for work. Muskoka CAS filed a protection order against me. I was unaware of the trial date and was never served. My access agreement was overturned and my ex was given full custody. I have been banned from any communication with my children. I have not seen or spoken to my 10 year old daughter or my autistic 13 year old son in over 2 years. The children have been totally brainwashed to hate their loving father. my children are forced to grow up without a father due to the vindictive manipulation of my precious children under the full support of the Muskoka CAS. I pray that when they are older they will have the ability to understand the horrible injustices that this organization has condoned. WE MUST RAISE THE PROFILE of these ISSUES in the MEDIA and make immediate action an ELECTION ISSUE at every vote. In the words of Kevin OLeary….Stop the Madness!!!

  79. Attila Gulyas March 8, 2015 at 3:35 am

    How Do We Start an Online Petition to Right These Injustices?

    Let The World Hear our Voices!!!

  80. j March 10, 2015 at 2:59 am


  81. Gina March 16, 2015 at 12:30 am

    I had a hospitalization for mental health issues in 2012. After that, I had two separate investigations opened on me. One was due to my mental health. I had to have someone with me at all times when I was with my daughter.

    The second was less than a month later. My husband and I were watching a hockey game, and having a beer, when the police showed up, handcuffed me and took me to the hospital to check for drugs in my system. That night, my daughter was having a sleep over at her friend’s house. They drew blood, a psychiatric nurse evaluated me. A few hours later and my blood alcohol level came back at a 0.03 0.08 is too impaired to drive). I have no prohibitions regarding alcohol and I told the police at my house that there were no restrictions on alcohol. For pete’s sake, it was a Saturday night, I was at home watching a game, my daughter wasn’t home, the blood work verified what I had told the police. I had opened my 2nd beer shortly before they arrived.
    The next morning I received a call from Children’s Aid saying I was only allowed supervised access with my daughter (again, she’s at a sleep over…HELLO).
    A second investigation was opened, and my Mom had to move in with us for a few weeks. Basically, someone made a nuisance call and the file was opened because I wasn’t drunk, was in my own home, just chilling. I could see the Cops dragging my husband off that night, for being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, but I was targeted, the nuisance call was never followed up or I would have pressed charges, and because I’ve had a legitimate case with them at one point, I’m afraid to do anything. These files were opened in 2012, and they remain open.
    It is absolutely unbelievable that someone could anonymously do that. I will probably never touch another drop of alcohol after that. It made me sick to realize the power Children’s Aid had over me.

  82. Wendy MacDonald January 20, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    Ccas has done exactly this with my grsndson they are protecting drug addicts and child abusers with a serious risk to my grandsons life. I need to protect him myself at all costs

  83. sandra February 27, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    I need a lawyer asap for my matter. Cas has taken my kids. Also turns out the lawyer I have is friends with cas and doesn’t help me at all

  84. Wendy MacDonald March 3, 2017 at 12:23 am

    Where do you find people who have gone through these problems with CAS so we can all connect and rally together for change, we changed the grandparent’s act we can change this too but it needs to start now this is a direct cause of grandparental alienation,

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