The other side of the dog story, Limerick Rd. Revisited and a new Advocate at The Citizen

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I have had a just very interesting day. I never know who is going to be sent my way next. I mentioned in another thread that the paralegal who had trained me had just moved to town to help her family. I consider her one of my mentors, and the strongest influences in my life in the last 20 years. I haven’t seen her in a decade, and she doesn’t know anything about my life here.

Sue has established a reputation in Kitchener for taking on City Hall, and has a good working relationship with the mayor and council there and winning. Although Sue is no longer practicing as a paralegal, she continues to act as a advocate in helping people deal with government. She is particularly good at municipal legislation, and has fought and won at the OMB several times.

She offered to work with us, and help out with the office. She’s also Microsoft Certified, and will be redesigning the site for us.

While chatting, I found out she was one of the paralegals who worked on the Oak Ridges Moraine case, which was won by the residents and the planning commissioner was our very own Janet Babcock.

We met at the office today to discuss Limerick Rd., and what we wanted done with the site. After catching up a bit we parted company. Several hours later she called me and asked me if I could help her get the other side of the “dog story” out. It turns out its her sons dog, where she lived, that killed the other dog. (At this time, Sue had never seen the site, didn’t have internet at home yet, and knew nothing about the dog park story earlier this year.) Here’s today’s Record story.–dog-put-down-after-being-attacked-by-neighbours-dogs

All I have to say at this point is I think that things are about to get a little interesting here on several fronts.






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  1. Sue Taylor November 24, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    I’ve never really considered myself as someone who ‘takes on’ anyone. I’m not in a hurry for “bloodied noses and cracked crowns”. But it’s true I have spent many years securing and enforcing the rights of those most needing of someone to step forth for no reason other than to simply balance the scales. I cannot stand an unbalanced scale, particularly where there is an imbalance of power without equal access to justice for all parties. My experience with Kitchener City Council has been favourable on each matter. They have always dealt fairly and in a timely manner regarding all matters I have put before them. My limited experience with the OMB was also favourable. I trust my experiences with the City of Cambridge will be no less.

    It’s also true that I spent five years working various matters on the Oak Ridges Moraine, though I don’t know that my case and that of Ms. Babcock ever crossed paths. It is likely, given the nature and extent of work I accomplished there, but I cannot confirm that.

    I want to clarify that my son’s dog did not kill another dog. There was a dog bite incident involving his dog and that of the neighbours, but the decision to put the dog down was entirely their own. We have not received on shred of evidence in support of any claim for the $1500 we have paid for vet bills, nor have we seen any evidence that there was not way to save the dog. We have only the word of the dog owners unfortunately have chosen to present themselves in a manner that simply dispels all trust.

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