The Wiccan Tool Chest

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Wicca, like many other religions, has certain tools used for ritual. These tools help you to focus your intention, direct your energy and connect with the God and Goddess.  Tools are not necessary to Wiccan practice but they do enrich the experience and help to symbolize the more complex energies and archetypes that create a successful working. 

 You will find yourself drawn more to certain tools than others, and may find that some are not attainable. If you cannot find a certain tool you can try to make it yourself or just not use it. The tools are not as important as your intention and focus.

The Broom:  There is a rich history of the broom in pre-Christian practice. The broom was used to “sweep” away negative energy. If a broom was laid across a threshold it was believed to prevent unwanted energies from affecting the residents inside. Today the broom is used to not only cleanse ritual/sacred space, but also to cleanse the home. You can use a witches broom which is built by hand in ceremony with difference types of plants for specific purposes or pick up an old style broom and cleanse/consecrate it as a ritual tool. 

The Wand:  You can find wands in any new age store; they have become an artistic specialty for some. A wand can be as simple as a long stick (or even a dowel from the hardware store) or very ornate. It can be used to direct energy, cast the protective circle, draw ritual symbols, and even stir a cauldron. The wand is associated with the element Air and is especially helpful when invoking the God or Goddess.

The Censer: This is used to burn the incense for ritual. For ritual, most Wiccans, prefer raw powder/granulated incense which is placed on charcoal to burn. However, you can use stick or cone incense if you prefer.  Incense helps to create the ritual atmosphere and carry the intention to Spirit and your Deities.

The Cauldron: The corner stone of most ritual will be with the cauldron. An ideal cauldron will be cast iron with three stubby legs on the bottom, however they are difficult to come by and expensive. You can substitute with a ceramic bowl until you find one. The cauldron represents the Goddess, the cycle of life,  and creation.

The Athame: This is a dull edged knife used in ritual to direct energy or to symbolically cut energetic ties.

The White Handled Knife: This knife has a sharp blade. It is used to carve symbols onto candles, cut string/ribbon and gather sacred herbs.

The Cup:  Sometimes called a chalice. This is a dedicated ritual cup that is used to represent the element of water and for offerings to the deities.

The Bell:  These come in all shapes and sizes. It can be used to denote the beginning or end of a ritual or hung by the door for good luck.

 These tools are just some of the ones you will find on altars, but remember the greatest ritual tool is you. Your intention and your focus create the magick!


Danielle Hughes is a solitary eclectic witch from Cambridge. She has a great love for theology, philosophy and poetry. Although she has not written professionally, she has written blogs and social media articles for Let it Heal Cambridge. She has a passion for writing, teaching and being active in her community. Danielle works and teaches at Let it Heal Cambridge as a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Energy Healing. She has been featured in Mandyland Radio as Cambridge’s Intuitive Goddess and Healer Extraordinaire. Danielle can be reached via email at [email protected] for all questions about wiccan and pagan living.

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