The Wiccan Way: Yule: The Holiday of Hope

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oak-and-holly-kingPublished in the December Issue of The Cambridge Citizen

The Wheel of the Year is about to take another turn. On December 21, 2012, the longest night of the year, Yule will be celebrated. Wiccans will gather to celebrate with Yule logs burning bright. They will sit in vigil, awaiting the return of the sun.
Yule is a celebration of rebirth; it is the phoenix rising from the ashes. On this day, Wiccans will face the darkness, the solitude and they will be reborn wiser. In legend, on the longest night of the year the Holly King will be defeated in battle by the reborn Oak King and the entire world will be born anew. It is this day that the Goddess will, despite her aged form, give birth to the Oak King, the Sun God. He is destined to become her Consort and will breathe warmth back into the land. He will encourage the melting of the snow and tease out of hibernation all of Mother Nature’s children. It is on this day that the Goddess will also be reborn. Her sacrifice to bring the Oak King to the world is too much on her Crone self; she will pass into the Summerland (the Wiccan afterlife) to regain her strength. In the spring, she will return as the Maiden to reunite with the Oak King.
It is on Yule that we find the courage to face the shadows and keep hope burning bright in our hearts. We will hope for our own renewal, create change for our future and focus on the glowing light of our inner development.
Ways to honour Yule:
• Keep a candle or a Yule log burning all night-this gives the Oak King strength to win the battle. But don’t leave the fire unattended. If you cannot stay awake with it put it out!
• Decorate a Yule tree with sun disks and bright colours.
• Ask for blessings of prosperity, joy and peace for loved ones.
• Exchange gifts and blessings.
• Meditate-either on your own or as a group.
• Surround yourself with the colours red and gold.
• Plant an evergreen tree.
• Sing songs of hope and joy.
• Decorate with mistletoe, holly, ivy and pine. These are all sacred plants that offer protection, healing and fertility.
• Give offerings of apples, cinnamon, oranges or nutmeg to the Earth and to the god and goddess.
• Create a Yule altar.
• Enjoy hot apple cider with cinnamon.
• Donate your time to the community

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Danielle Hughes is a solitary eclectic witch from Cambridge. She has a great love for theology, philosophy and poetry. Although she has not written professionally, she has written blogs and social media articles for Let it Heal Cambridge. She has a passion for writing, teaching and being active in her community. Danielle works and teaches at Let it Heal Cambridge as a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Energy Healing. She has been featured in Mandyland Radio as Cambridge’s Intuitive Goddess and Healer Extraordinaire. Danielle can be reached via email at [email protected] for all questions about wiccan and pagan living.

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  1. Bill June 21, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    I just accidentally came upon your fabulous article. Thank you. MIT is so informative, enriching, and inspiring. I’ve noted down the title, date, and your name. This goes into my holiday collection file. Min will revisit it during the Celtic Advent season. Today is the Summer Solstice 2014. Blessings Be 🙂

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