Under the sea for the holidays

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Cambridge theatregoers can spend the holiday season with Ariel and co at the Dunfield Theatre this year.
Drayton Entertainment’s performance of Disney’s The Little Mermaid runs from November until Dec. 21 and as of Nov. 21, tickets are 90 per cent sold out already.
The classic Disney tale of a mermaid and her journey to the surface role is played by leading actress, Jayme Armstrong, whom Cambridge may remember from Dunfield’s opening play, Mary Poppins and many other Dunfield shows.
“25 years after the original film was released, Disney’s The Little Mermaid continues to capture the hearts of children and parents alike,” Artistic Director Alex Mustakas said in a statement. “The iconic characters, memorable music, and timeless story are brought to life by an all‐star cast of outstanding performers.”
Canadian director, Ann Hodges, directed a performance for both children and parents, The Little Mermaid. Set designer J. Branson turned the stage into the underwater world and elaborate Prince Eric’s castle. The use of backdrops, props and even projections turned the play into a realistic performance.
With the charming cast and classic songs, the audience was drawn in and singing along. The Little Mermaid was based on the 1989 Disney film and one of Hans Christian Anderson’s iconic stories. The show featured a mix of the classic songs, such as Ariel’s Part of your World and Sebastian the crab’s Under the Sea, and original songs such as Her Voice, sung by the character Eric, the Prince.
Keith Savage, who provided a charming comedic performance for the audience, played the loveable and goofy character of Scuttle, Ariel’s seagull friend. Mark Cassius, who adopted an appropriate Caribbean accent for the show, played Sebastian the cranky crab. 14-year-old Aidan Tye gave an adoring performance as Ariel’s loving and innocent best friend, Flounder the fish.
David Cotton, who Cambridge may remember as Marius from Les Mis back in May, played the charming Prince Eric, with a powerful rendition of the song Her Voice.
Kristin Peace gave a rousing performance of Ursula the sea witch, the classic, tentacled villain, with stunning versions of the classic song from the movie, Poor, Unfortunate Souls and a new song, Daddy’s Little Girl. Of course, her sidekicks, Flotsam and Jetsam the electric eels, played by Gregory Pember and Thomas Alderson, join her on the stage.
Drayton’s performance also included a well-rounded ensemble cast featuring 25 local children performing in two groups on a rotating schedule.
Drayton has an exciting performance list lined up for the 2015 season that Cambridge won’t want to miss. They’re opening with The Wizard of Oz in March, followed by Monty Python’s Spamalot, Canadian Legends, The Odd Couple, Anne of Green Gables and then they’ll end the season with Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.


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