Untitled Poetry by Jacob Richardson-Schofield

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before you call me an undecided fool
listen to my poem you freaking tool
as i grasp from all angles
and for most it just dangles
in front of their face saying what a disgrace
thinking that they know their side has the cookie cutter base
for the answer to every question
as the other side says otherwise because of some declamation
but due to both sides having an inundation
not many sit on the fence
because most would assume that we are unsure and unclear of our decision
but we would know how to deal with most problems with the utmost great precision
when others see no solution
we see an opportunity to solve this volution
thinking of extreme measures to save our species
but the ideas we bring to the table, you say is nothing but feces
for being against dog or cat
republican or democrat
doesn’t matter who we talk to our opinions mean jack squat
even though we sit high we rot
analyzing every stalemate that both sides would agree
for whoever that may be
but for now we keep trivializing people’s resolutions
wishing for them to have better execution
to every inquiry
we feel very weary
little hope is distributed between us
as both sides continue to fuss
confined on top with barbed wire
trying not to fall to either field of fire
as we will be in a trance
that our side will advance
thats why its uncomfortable up here
if we don’t choose they’ll try to fill us with hatred and fear
but we refuse all of black and white
in the gray area we all fight
for our right to be undecided
as we are the ones who are motivated
into this upbringing full of “are you with us or not?”
by now we are wrought
from every subject we know and thats a lot
so shut up and listen
for every word that is written
you will be dense
as no-one will spend any pence
for the opinion you gave
but the opinion you brought
for everything that you bought
is a mindless self-indulgence
as you didn’t research about this person’s diligence
you don’t appreciate your inherence
in this life
you complain about how its full of strife
it’s your preference to stay in your mind
and others see you as correct or unkind
for us this world needs patience
for people to quickly gain competence
but for all of us who sit on the fence
please acknowledge our presence

Jacob Richardson Schofield



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