Valentine’s Expressing Day is about Love

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Valantines 2013banner PRINTFebruary 14 is the one day devoted to love; the one-day permission is granted
to show your romantic,mushy side without ridicule. You are allowed to
purchase delicate, lacy things, fine wine and scented candles.
You can express yourself in a poem or letter,not only reminding the recipient how much you love and adore them, but taking you on a trip down memory lane as you reflect on all the qualities that made you fall in love with that perfect someone.

Although traditionally Valentine’s Day was primarily for star-struck lovers and forbidden romance, I believe that valentines should extend beyond the boy meets girl fairy-tale and focus on all the relationships that we hold dear to us.

Love can be measured in many distinctively different degrees. The love you have for your parents, children and friends are just as deserving of a little extra recognition as your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

No amount of chocolate-covered delicacies or long-stem roses can substitute for the gift of time spent with a lonely or forgotten loved one. The most precious offering is of yourself in hopes of reaffirming hearts. Here are a few things you
can do to make a difference this Valentine’s Day.

*Simply smile and say a few kind words, it is often enough to put the sparkle back into someone’s eye.
* A helpful deed acknowledged by a knowing wink invites affection.
* A patient heart and attentive ear can erase a slate of bewilderment.
* Vows of friendship are renewed over a cup of perked coffee and delightful conversation.
* A moment stolen from our busy schedules for a long awaited “I love you” floods a weary heart.
* An additional moment spent with a small child unveils a potpourri of whimsical innocence.

Any and preferably all of the above suggestions can perform miracles in the lives of those we love.

All too often we take these simple pleasures for granted, never intending to do so.

Unfortunately, business meetings have taken precedent over baseball games, carefully prepared homemade goodies have been replaced with boxed convenience and day planners have become the rulers of ourlife.

Unfortunately, technology has been the only link that allows families to coexist
in our busy world.
This is a reality that robs us of the fundamental basics of bonding and community, which has become increasingly needed. Can we put aside our corporate need to succeed for one day of the year?

Valentine’s Day opens the eyes of society only long enough to shed an illusion of light in our loved ones’ lives. Is it too late to think that we can tear down the materially driven barriers that surround us and revive human kindness, affection
and more importantly the free and willing spirit to share more of our time? This writer believes it can be done.
Happy Valentines to all the people in my life who hold a little piece of my heart!


Judee Richardson-Schofield has become a familiar name and face in the local media. Judee has been published in the Cambridge Times, the Cambridge Reporter, the Record, Globe and Mail, City Parent, Forever Young and was the feature writer for the Cambridge Courier to name a few. She has worked as a communication specialist for the Cambridge Memorial Hospital, a marketing writer for World Cities and currently opened the doors to her own business Vivid Photography. She won the YWCA Women of Distinction award in Communications and Public Relations in 2005 and has been nominated twice for the Bernice Adams Award.

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