Wait Times Suck!

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Last week, my daughter’s elderly mother-in-law went sent to St Mary’s Emerge at the behest of her Oncologist. She was experiencing high fevers, headaches and was so weak she could barely walk…complications from the removal of a section of bowel (cancer) about a month ago.

She arrived at St Mary’s at 2.30 in the afternoon and was not seen until 8.30 in the evening; a six hour wait.

When she fearfully hobbled to the front desk to complain, she was told she had already been bumped up by FIVE hours…..the emergency room of course was packed.

Under Mike Harris, wait times at emergency rooms was a huge issue. Nightly news reports focused on long waits in order to embarrass our government to fix the problem.

Well, the problem is not fixed and McGuinty gets a free ride!

He gets off the hook, I believe because he has caved into health care union demands; in brief, he has purchased silence by giving health care workers raises he cannot afford.

In my opinion, health care workers and the press are in collusion to remain silent about a real problem…..we have a good not great healthcare system but, despite billions in spending increases, we still WAIT TO FRICKIN LONG FOR CARE. Obviously, more money is not the solution.

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  1. curmudgeon January 13, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    Having worked security in a hospital ER the problem is not lack of money, lazy staff or government interference. The real problem is too damn many people in there who don’t need to be. In one two hour period I observed a parent with a three year old who swallowed a penny, an old guy having a heart attack, mother with ten year old daughter who was constipated, a young lady wanting proof for her attending boyfriend that she was pregnant, a druggy who threatened to hurt herself so the cops would bring her to a hospital, a drunk who couldn’t sleep (said his legs were paralized), a man and his elderly mother who had overdosed on Tums (thought they were mints), mother with ten year old constipated daughter a second time, a car accident victim, a teen boy in out of the cold and four people with coughs and sniffles. Of those fourteen people seen by ER staff I had empathy for only three. When you do the math 75% of the aforementioned probably did not need to be seen but that is what free health care all has created. Feel free to pick who you think should have been treated.

  2. curmudgeon January 13, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    Oops, 2nd last sentence should read “what free health care for all has created”.

  3. Margaret Barr January 14, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    My personal triage assessment (remembering, of course, that I’m not a medical prefessional)

    1. Old guy having a heart attack
    2. Car accident victim
    3. Tums overdose

    What’s your three, Curmudgeon?

    I completely agree that hospital wait times are the result of people attending ER, who don’t need to do so.

    To me, emergency rooms are for, well, emergencies; not for colds and sniffles, constipation and the like. To be fair, I will say that I was seriously tempted to include the child who had swallowed a penny. However, having had a similar circumstance with my own three-year (who swallowed 6 beads from a ‘learn how to count’ game)I now know that it will ‘all come out in the end’ (an immediate problem would arise if the child swallowed something and it didn’t go striaght down, though….learned this when I took my son to the ER for the ‘bead’ ingestion.)Even if swallowing a small object is not (usually) an emergency, I can understand how a mother may not know it’s not serious, panic, and rush off to the hospital. I did the same.

    No matter how much folks write about horrible wait times in Ontario hospitals, I cannot be one of them. Whenever I (or my son) have had the occasion to visit the ER, we have always been seen immediately, or almost so, even when the ER is full (which it seems to be most times at CMH). I attribute this to the fact that we don’t visit the ER unless it is a true emergency.

    I do feel empathy for the thread starter. Having a high fever and complications from a surgery are scary and can lead to even more serious troubles. I would have gone to the ER under similar circumstances, too. I can only assume (and hope)that the medical staff were tracking the lady’s condition (though triage)throughout the long wait.

  4. Hags January 14, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    My point is that under Dalton, wait times in ermerg are not an issue…while Mike was bludeeoned both in the print press and on TV almost nightly for the same problem. How can the press be trusted? Dumb-dumd Dalton is surely our teflon man.

  5. Margaret Barr January 15, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Good point, Hags. I often get a smile (sometimes even a laugh) when I hear about ‘wait times’, raised taxes, cut programs, etc. all ’caused’ by Mike Harris. Every time Liberals blame Harris, I always think (and often say) “I won’t argue with you about Harris; you have your opinion and I have mine. However, just supposing all you say about the Harris government is true, then, I have a question..Since the Liberals have already been in power for longer than Harris ever was…..why can’t the Liberals cean up the mess Harris (supposedly) made?” No answer to that question, as yet. If I ever get one, I’ll let you know.

  6. Hags January 15, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    Margaret, like I’ve said a dozen times on this site…Dalton has made the biggest mess ever….and gets a free ride from the media.
    But hey, teachers,gov’t workers and nurses are happy so the hell with the rest of us.
    If Harris were to run again, he’d get my vote. Someone has to clean up the mess and it sure as hell ain’t Dalton.
    I have to ask you girls out there…polls have shown that women much like Dalton and even consider him sexy…really?

  7. Margaret Barr January 15, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Hags…Dalton? Sexy? Me thinks not. I think he is a pleasant enough looking fellow, but sexy? No!

  8. Hags January 15, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Again, it shocked me too.

  9. Minority May 14, 2012 at 6:44 am

    The main problem is triage they need to fire every triage nurse in CMH, the sniffles and colds are emergencies and the ones with life threatening problems get thrown aside on long wait list. Why because I think the triage nurses are not experienced enough to handle emergencies. Give their jobs to an HCOA assistant or the MT and you will see faster response turn around times for the seriously ill getting the quality of care they deserve and need.

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