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star-trekWhat’s trending…in travel.

A bit of this, a bit of that!


Sometimes when I am reading the travel rags stories catch my eye and I am forced to throw in my discounted Canadian 2 cents worth. This week seemed to be filled with just such stories.


The first to catch my eye was in Travel Industry today, the one publication that I truly look forward to reading each and every time they publish.  It was a story about India. Normally I am right on board with anything about India, as I find it to be a fascinating human melting pot of humanity, bad to great!  In this particular case I was flabbergasted.

Here is the post I made on Face book; “Had to post this one in hopes it makes it around the world and back to India. Don’t get me wrong, I love India, an incredible country. That said Mumbai police are busy busting up hotel rooms to find unmarried people. Yup you heard me right!! There are woman being raped in incredible numbers and the police focus on unmarried couples and fining them. Must be about money. I am astounded at the greed, stupidity and total lack of understanding of what is really important!”


Please understand I adore this country, and the people I had the opportunity to meet. This does not mean I won’t criticize it or show my readers its faults. This is one of those situations. Apparently the Mumbai police were doing a sweep of hotels with the excuse of cutting down on prostitution. Really? They rounded up to 100 people and charged them with indecent behavior in a public place! Since when is a hotel room a public place? Plus they fined them 1,200 Rupees and held them  for up to 5 hours in the police station. It is all about the money. Gee I wonder if any ladies of night got hustled out of the hotels. What do you think?


It seems that everyone was out to push my buttons on issues this week.  It has long been an issue here in North America about airline seat size and the weight of passengers and what is politically correct and what isn’t. I do not know a passenger that doesn’t have an opinion on this very subject.  It seems that Samoan airlines also has an opinion that they put into practice and has been for sometime. Not only do they weigh the passengers they put a limit on that weight for their seats and if you exceed that limit you have the option of buying XL class to better accommodate your situation. This could work here in North America. It takes a bit of bravery on our Airlines, going through a bit of flak from the flying public, which includes stopping those passengers that don’t need the XL seats from buying them because they are space hogs.  (Sounds mean I know!)

This is a radical idea whose time has come.  Airline seats are getting smaller and smaller, width wise, and closer and closer from knee to seat back. I can picture it now, seats won’t recline, and they will only hold size 2 passengers that are 5’5” tall.  Anyone not this size will travel as the slaves did inhumanely packed together and unable to breathe.


There was one thing I did find interesting and gave me pause.  I remembered my youth and a crush I had on a certain Captain! Yes folks I watched the original Star Trek, and thought Captain James T Kirk was dreamy!!!

Funny how you age, I actually liked William Shatner as Denny Crane better, though no crush!  I bring up all this about the historic Captain because Norwegian Cruise line is hosting the everything Star Trek cruise and James T Kirk himself will be there. Our own William Shatner will ring in 50 years of Star Trek! Ha I bet more than few folks feel old now!


Norwegian is actually re-doing parts of this ship, mainly some of the bars to give the whole Star Trek feel. I just hope none of the Klingons remember their early relationship with Shatner..oops Captain Kirk!


Live long and prosper!



Brenda Goodsell

Preston Travel Centre




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