You helped me live my dream. ( My last column in the last edition of The Cambridge Reporter)

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This is my column that appeared in the final edition of The Cambridge Reporter when they closed.Next week I’m going to deliver papers to my old paper route from 1971. Talk about full circle! Now how freaken’ cool is that?

You helped me live my dream; [Final Edition]

Sep 19, 2003. pg. A.14

Autumn 1971. My first job. Newspaper delivery man. Neither the snow, nor sleet nor leaves of Grand Avenue could keep this paperboy from his appointed rounds. I was so proud to be a member of the Reporter team, and I regarded the castle on Ainslie Street as hallowed ground that I dare not intrude upon lest it be a matter of earthshaking urgency.

Autumn 2003. My last column for the Reporter. I walked up Grand Avenue, where I used to deliver the Reporter, to sit in on a meeting with the Grand Avenue Grey Panthers to help publicize their plight regarding their “right” to sit out by the street and watch the world go by. I then went to the newsroom that I had so feared, and Clyde Warrington offered me some of the wisdom and sagacity that he has acquired in being a reporter for more than 20 years: Relax!

Today I am sadly submitting my last piece to the Reporter. I would like to thank everyone at the Reporter who has helped me live my dream: Kevin Swayze, Gordon Paul and particularly Clyde Warrington. Thank you for all your help and guidance.

Most of all, thank you to everyone who has read my columns. Your encouragement and comments have persuaded me to pursue my dream of being a writer.

Adios Cambridge Reporter, and thank you. You will be missed.

Scot Ferguson-Barber


2 Responses to You helped me live my dream. ( My last column in the last edition of The Cambridge Reporter)

  1. Margaret Barr December 15, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    Scot, change that headline to “you helped ME live my dream”, I’m editing your work…no charge 🙂

  2. Scot Ferguson-Barber December 15, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    It’s been a very long night, and it ain’t over yet. Thanks Margaret.

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