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Zoom, zoom zoom! These words were in the commercial for a Japanese auto maker; it was a commercial I loved. See the sporty little car racing down the twisty rugged road, hugging the curves and looking ever so sleek.
But I think there is a problem with the commercial with the infectious song. Like where can I find me a zoom-zoom car? Was the car a Honda, Nissan or Mazda…quick think! Gimme yer answer…errrrp, times up.
To me the problem with this commercial was that I had to wrack my wee brain to figure out what the product was. If the ad was effective, wouldn’t I have been walking down the street connecting the catchy song with the name of the car?
Then there’s the Koodo commercial. It features a cartoon creature who appears to be a masked Mexican wrestler. Are Mexican wrestlers cool, en vogue? Isn’t Nacho Libre dead?
Is the masked avenger fighting other cell phone companies and showing Koodos’ superiority in a communications battle? Is he fighting for lower prices, better service?
To tell you the truth I don’t know what the hell he’s fighting for . To me the spots are ineffective…but I do like the sexy voice trilling Koodo at the end of the exercise.
However, why the hell should I buy their product? Is it just me?
And I need to move on to ‘the most interesting man alive’…and no, I don’t mean that mullet topped Sandinista socialist Scot –Ferguson- Barber-Farquar…yadda yadda yadda guy.
You see this guy flying jets, eating in the best restaurants, taking exotic vacations surrounded by a bevy of buxomly beautiful girls…and guess what?… drinking Dos Equis beer.
Now I have not sampled this brew but its just beer!….not Cognac, Scotch or an ancient vintage of Chateau Neuf Du Pape…which one would expect a guy as interesting as James Bond to be drinking. It’s just beer. How much better than a ‘silver bullet’ which satisfies the masses could it be?
And why does the ‘most interesting man alive’ look like a beach bum from Hawaii or a  wayward werewolf at a hostel in downtown Galt.  I mean jiggling Jezebel, he looks like he crawled out of the back of a dumpster! To me, that’s not so interesting.
Anyway, if it would have been possible for Dos Equis to clean up Charlie Sheen, he would have been a better choice for the ‘most interesting man alive’…I know, I know, it’s impossible to clean up Charlie Sheen.
So what is an effective commercial, you may ask? Well I’d have to give Bud two thumbs up. They have identified a market…dim-witted young men of drinking age who love the NFL….they have labeled these young men as pranksters and morons.  In each new commercial the stupidity levels intensify.
Are they selling a superior taste or a better price? I think not. They are merely selling simple beer to simple guys in a funny yet creative way while tapping into young male culture….arm farts, head noogies, the Stooges and beer.
The beauty of this is that all guys know that their culture is asinine. Stupid is as stupid does….and stupid likes Bud!
P.S. An honourable mention to the bank commercial that uses the song Low Rider by War.
The horn hook along with the dazzling bass line is simply infectious…my head automatically bobs when I hear this song….as every part of me moves in rhythm…well almost every part.
Quick now, which Bank is using this sterling number? TD, BMO or RBC?


2 Responses to Zoom!

  1. Lary Turner August 30, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    No idea Hags …… the instant a commercial comes on I grab the channel changer and start surfing (drives my wife crazy!) …. this usually prompts her to adjoin to her sewing room, and her own TV, leaving my to watch anything I wish …. works everytime!

  2. Hags August 30, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Larry, not watching ads is a guy thing; you are right in that. I am a sucker for a catchy tune however….but abviously not bright enough to connect a tune to the product.
    P.S. You observations are Seinfeldian…you know, the bit about men hunt and women nest…when it comes to the remote.

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